100 Favorite Bible Prayers by Thomas Nelson Gift Books

100 Favorite Bible Prayers by Thomas Nelson Gift Books

Author: Thomas Nelson Gift Books
View book: 100 Favorite Bible PrayersWith prayers for healing, peace, and strength for today, 100 Favorite Bible Prayers invites you to rest in God’s presence as you develop the practice of praying through the great prayers of the Bible. Discover the life-changing power of conversation with God as you immerse yourself in the richest prayers of the Old and New Testaments.

From Hannah’s prayers for a child to Jesus’ prayer in Gethsemane, the prayers of Scripture remind us of God’s longing for us to draw near to Him. Inside this beautiful gift book, you’ll find:

  • Each prayer paired with a brief devotion to help you understand the Scripture context and learn how to apply the prayers in your own life
  • A beautiful ribbon marker
  • Four-color botanical-themed illustrations and lovely typography lines on every page

100 Favorite Bible Prayers will help women create the habit of praying Scripture. The prayers can be a great way start each day or a pleasant way to relax and spend quiet time with the Lord each evening. This is a gorgeous gift for birthdays, gift giving holidays, or for a friend wanting to grow deeper in his or her relationship with God.

“400-Year-Old Bible: Rare First Edition King James with Apocrypha”

Ancient Manuscript: Exploring a First Edition King James Bible

This remarkable artifact is no ordinary book. It is an oversized and weighty tome, holding historical significance that spans over four centuries. Behold, the first edition of the King James Bible, printed in the year 1611. As we open this immense volume, let’s focus on the title page of its New Testament.

Usually, Bibles contain a general title page at the beginning, followed by a specific one for the New Testament. A quick tip for those examining antique Bibles: if you encounter one without a title page, check the New Testament section – it may contain valuable clues regarding its age.

Turning to the New Testament title page of this ancient Bible, we are greeted with a significant date – 1611. This revelation showcases the origins of this edition, placing it firmly within the bounds of the early 17th century. However, it’s not the only noteworthy inscription to be found.

On the reverse side of the page, we encounter the Apocrypha. It is interesting to note that the Apocrypha was once part of the initial King James Bible edition but was eventually excluded in the 1880s. Its presence here underscores the historical context and adds another layer to the significance of this particular Bible.

By examining these pages, we gain a glimpse into the past – a distant era when the King James Bible was first brought into existence. This artifact serves as a tangible reminder of the historical development and evolution of this beloved religious text.

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