100 Micro Amigurumi : Crochet Patterns And Charts For Tiny Amigurumi by Steffi Glaves

100 Micro Amigurumi : Crochet Patterns And Charts For Tiny Amigurumi by Steffi Glaves

Author: Steffi Glaves
View book: 100 Micro Amigurumi : Crochet Patterns And Charts For Tiny Amigurumi

A collection of 100 patterns for teeny tiny crochet amigurumimicrogurumi – by Steffi Glaves, author of 100 Micro Crochet Motifs. This is amigurumi crochet on a tiny scale – create the tiniest fruit and vegetables, sealife creatures, wizards and dragons – with this imaginative collection.

There are ten themed chapters including About Town, Fruit & Veg, Sealife, Space, Fairy Woodland, Back To School, Travel, Animals, and Food, each containing 10 unique amigurumi patterns so there is something for everyone.

With this collection of crochet patterns, you can choose your favorites from the cutest fungi to a teeny tiny baby bird from the Fairy Woodland chapter, or even a miniature sea serpent or magical wizard from the Myth & Legend chapter.

Amigurumi on this scale – some as small as a thumbnail, while others are no bigger than your thumb – can be used to create a variety of tiny projects. They can become charms, jewelry, keyrings, or even dollhouse decorations.

All of the projects are made using a 0.7-0.9mm crochet hook and embroidery thread, but they can be scaled up by using a larger hook and thicker thread for a larger amigurumi. There is advice about the best tools and materials to use in order to get the best results. There are specific instructions for working at such a small scale, including the best ways to hold the thread and hook, how to embroider faces and expressions, and adding hair, which brings the amigurumi to life.

There is also advice about decreasing and increasing stitches, counting stitches when working small, and how to change color mid-row. Additionally, there is specific guidance about crocheting in rounds and how to stuff the tiny amigurumi.

As well as the written patterns for all the amigurumi, there are charts for any flat pattern sections. Detailed instructions and step-by-step photography and artwork are also provided for all the special techniques and stitches, such as finishing off and weaving in ends.

“Review of 100 Micro Amigurumi Crochet Book by Steffi Glaves”

Hello lovely readers, welcome to Starlight and Stitches! Thank you so much for joining me today. If you enjoy reading about crochet, crochet book reviews, yarn selections, and finished project ideas, then this article is perfect for you. We are going to do a review of the book “100 Micro Amigumi Crochet Patterns and Charts for Tiny Amigumi” by Stephie Glaves. This book, published by David and Charles, was sent to me for free. However, please note that my review is unbiased and based on my own honest opinion.

Before we dive into the book, I want to mention that the patterns in the book are written in UK crochet terminology, so keep that in mind. But don’t worry, if you’re familiar with US crochet terminology, it’s easy to convert and follow along.

Book Overview

The book begins with a helpful contents page that breaks down the patterns into different sections, making it easy to navigate. It also includes an introduction and a page with pictures of some of the patterns in the book.

There is a useful guide on tools and materials for crochet, including information on crochet hooks, general tools, and yarn classifications. This is helpful, especially for beginners or those looking for a helpful refresher.

The book then dives into the different sections and showcases all 100 patterns available. And here’s the great part: you don’t have to use the recommended hook and yarn sizes! Feel free to use larger yarn and hooks if you’re more comfortable with that.

Pattern Sections

The book is divided into several sections, each focusing on different themes. Here’s a glimpse of some of the patterns in each section:

Fairy Woodland

  • Mushroom
  • Speckle Log
  • Snail
  • Little Acorn
  • Fairy Cottage

About Town

  • House
  • Cafe
  • Pug the Posty
  • Lollipop Lapan
  • Post Box

Fruit and Veg

  • Banana
  • Strawberry
  • Carrot
  • Broccoli
  • Pepper


  • Birthday Cake
  • Popcorn
  • Burger
  • Chicken Drumstick
  • Coffee Cup


  • Bunny
  • Dog
  • Pig
  • Cow
  • Robin

Back to School

  • Apple
  • Pen
  • Calculator
  • Laptop
  • Satchel

And Many More!

The book continues with sections on travel, sea life, myths and legends, and even space! Each section offers unique patterns that are fun and enjoyable to make.


This book is a wonderful resource for any micro crochet enthusiast. With 100 patterns to choose from and easy-to-follow instructions, it provides endless possibilities for creating adorable amigurumi projects. Whether you’re a beginner or experienced crocheter, this book offers something for everyone. So why not give it a try and make your own tiny crochet creations? Let me know which pattern is your favorite in the comments below. Happy crocheting!

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