101 Asian Dishes You Need To Cook Before You Die : Discover A New World Of Flavors In Authentic Recipes by Jet Tila

101 Asian Dishes You Need To Cook Before You Die : Discover A New World Of Flavors In Authentic Recipes by Jet Tila

Author: Jet Tila
View book: 101 Asian Dishes You Need To Cook Before You Die : Discover A New World Of Flavors In Authentic Recipes

More than 100,000 copies sold! Named one of the Top 10 Cookbooks of 2017 by the Los Angeles Times! Authentic Asian Cooking Made Simple for Everyone

Jet Tila possesses extensive knowledge and experience in authentic Asian cuisine. Having grown up in Los Angeles within a Thai and Chinese family and later becoming a prominent chef, restaurant owner, and judge on Cutthroat Kitchen, Tila has consolidated his years of expertise in this groundbreaking book.

Enter Jet’s kitchen and uncover the secrets to making your favorite Asian dishes taste even better than those from takeout. Prepare to master an array of recipes, including:

  • Korean BBQ Short Ribs on Coke
  • Jet’s Famous Drunken Noodles
  • Beef Pho
  • Miso Roasted Black Cod
  • Panang Beef Curry
  • Vietnamese Banh Mi Sandwich
  • Sweet Chili Sriracha Hot Wings

Moreover, if you have yet to concoct your own Sriracha, Jet’s sensational recipe is bound to revolutionize your culinary experience.

All in all, this exceptional book presents Jet’s selection of 101 Asian recipes that will astound and impress your loved ones. Additionally, you will gain insider tips from the master himself on flavors, techniques, history, and ingredients, ultimately transforming you into a more adept cook. It’s time to ignite your passion in the kitchen, Jet Tila-style!

“101 Asian Dishes: Easy, Delicious Recipes for Home Cooks”

Discover the Ultimate Asian Recipes Collection by Jet Tila

Introducing “101 Asian Dishes You Need to Cook Before You Die” by the incredible Jet Tila. This cookbook is a culinary treasure trove packed with scrumptious Asian delicacies that you absolutely must try! Forget takeout and elevate your cooking skills with these simple yet extraordinary recipes.

In this marvelous web post, Jet Tila takes you on an unforgettable journey through a variety of sections, each dedicated to a different category of dishes. From sizzling wok creations to mouthwatering sweets, this article covers it all.

Explore the Sections

To make navigation a breeze, Jet Tila has organized this collection into the following sections:

  • Rock the Wok: Unleash the flavors of grilling, roasting, and more!
  • Meat: Dive into an array of tantalizing noodle dishes, soups, curries, and larger plates.
  • Sushi: Learn to make your favorite sushi creations right at home.
  • Salads and Veggies: Discover refreshing salads and veggie delights.
  • Dumplings: Indulge in irresistible finger foods and small plates.
  • Sweets: Satisfy your sweet tooth with delightful Asian desserts.
  • Stock Staples: Master the building blocks of Asian cuisine.
  • Sauces and Dippers: Elevate your dishes with authentic Asian sauces.

Easy-to-Follow Recipes

Jet Tila’s recipes are a culinary dream come true, even for beginners. Each recipe’s instructions are clear, concise, and easy to follow. The ingredients list is thoughtfully divided into sections, making your preparation a breeze. Plus, you’ll find serving sizes conveniently placed on the top.

Let’s take a closer look at some standout recipes:

  • Mongolian Beef: Delight your taste buds with this simple and delicious dish that rivals your favorite Chinese restaurant’s version.
  • Orange-Flavored Chicken: A versatile recipe that works wonders with beef, pork, or chicken. Guaranteed to impress.
  • Szechuan Beef: Treat yourself to a flavorful and unforgettable taste experience with this mouthwatering dish.
  • Salmon Teriyaki: A classic made easy. Try it with poultry or your protein of choice for a tantalizing twist.
  • Korean Short Rib Tacos with Gochujang Sauce: A rich and memorable dish that will make your taste buds sing. A pro tip: the short ribs can be used for another delicious creation!

A Kitchen Revolution

This remarkable collection of recipes goes beyond the expected. From the sensational Pad Thai and unforgettable Northern Curry Braised Beef Noodles to the crispy Vietnamese Imperial Rolls, Jet Tila has crafted a cookbook that will revolutionize your Asian culinary adventures.

Jet’s pro tips provide valuable guidance, offering suggestions for additional ingredients or substitutions. Worried about finding authentic ingredients? Fear not! You can easily find most of them on Amazon or at your local grocery store.

Unleash your inner chef and create classic lo mein noodles, comforting coconut chicken soup, and invigorating red miso soup with tofu.

One dish that stands out is the Thai Beef Salad, perfect for a refreshing summer treat. And don’t forget the incredible Spicy Tuna Roll for a burst of umami flavors.

Jet Tila’s passion for Asian cuisine shines through in this remarkable article. His cookbook transforms Asian cooking into an approachable, enjoyable, and utterly delicious experience. Once you have the ingredients on hand, you’ll be amazed at how quickly you can whip up these extraordinary dishes.

Ready to embark on a culinary journey? Discover “101 Asian Dishes You Need to Cook Before You Die” by the incredible Jet Tila. Prepare to amaze yourself and your loved ones with authentic Asian flavors right in the comfort of your own kitchen. Bon appétit!

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