101 Uses For A Bridesmaid Dress by Cindy Walker

101 Uses For A Bridesmaid Dress by Cindy Walker

Author: Cindy Walker
View book: 101 Uses For A Bridesmaid Dress

Bridesmaid dresses — what is their purpose, if any? We are forced to shell out money for them, wear them on the big day, and then struggle to find a place for them in the depths of our closets. Our closest female friends, who suddenly transform into elegant brides adorned in white dresses, assure us, “You’ll definitely have the chance to wear this bridesmaid dress again.” But deep down, we know better. A book titled “101 Uses for a Bridesmaid Dress” takes a humorous approach to the terribly dreadful dress that a bride expects her “entourage” to wear. This collection of whimsical illustrations and absurd suggestions, ranging from makeshift cocktail napkins to shower curtains, pony blankets, and even frilly jock straps, serves as a comical remedy to the bridesmaid dresses that we will undoubtedly never wear again.

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