15- Minute German : Learn In Just 12 Weeks by DK

15- Minute German : Learn In Just 12 Weeks by DK

Author: DK
View book: 15- Minute German : Learn In Just 12 Weeks

Looking to learn German quickly and easily? Look no further than DK’s 15 Minute German: Learn in Just 12 Weeks! This comprehensive language course is designed to be completed in just three months, with daily 15-minute lessons that cover a wide range of practical topics. Whether you’re interested in leisure, business, food and drink, travel, or shopping, this course has got you covered.

What sets this course apart is its innovative approach. With annotated photographic scenes, easy-to-follow word lists, and handy audio apps to help you perfect your pronunciation, learning German has never been this fun and interactive. Plus, the course is tailored for busy individuals who are always on the go, allowing you to fit language learning into your daily routine.

One of the unique features of this course is the review module, which allows you to test yourself and track your progress as you go along. This ensures that you are retaining the language skills you’ve learned and helps you stay motivated throughout the 12-week journey.

And here’s an extra perk: when you’re done with the course, you can sell your old books and get some cash back. It’s a win-win!

So why wait? Don’t let boredom take over your life, feed your fandom for the German language, and upgrade your bookshelves with 15 Minute German today!

15-MIN DAILY STRETCH – Full Body Routine for Flexibility & Mobility | Pamela Reif

15 Minute Whole Body Stretch Routine

Hello everyone, thank you for joining me for today’s routine. In this article, we are going to explore a 15-minute whole body stretch that will help increase flexibility and mobility. This routine can be done on a daily basis and is especially helpful for those who sit all day or engage in intense workouts. So let’s dive right in!

Neck Rolls

To start, let’s loosen up our necks with some gentle neck rolls. Stand up and rotate your neck to feel a slight stretch and perhaps even some cracking. This exercise prepares us for the rest of the routine.

Hamstring and Lower Back Stretch

Now, let’s move onto stretching our hamstrings and lower back. Stand with your back straight, then reach forward and down towards your feet. If reaching for your feet is too challenging, you can also reach for your shins. Hold the stretch, feeling the tension in your hamstrings and lower back. This stretch helps alleviate the consequences of prolonged sitting or intense workouts.

Downward Dog and Cobra

Next, we will transition to the mat for a series of exercises. Begin with the classic yoga poses: downward dog and cobra. As you transition between the two poses, you’ll open up your chest, stretch your shoulders, and strengthen your entire body. Be mindful of your form and remember to breathe throughout.

Shoulder Opener

Lying on your belly, place one arm at a 90-degree angle, and twist your body towards that side. This movement targets your shoulders and chest, providing a satisfying stretch. Repeat on the other side, keeping your shoulder grounded and focusing on the rotation in your lower body.

Flexor Stretch

Now, we move on to working the flexor muscles. Get into a lunge position, sinking into the stretch and feeling the tension in your flexors and thighs. To enhance the stretch, place your knee on the ground and push forward. You can also add a side bend for an extra challenge or switch sides to ensure both flexor groups receive attention.

Pigeon Pose

Time to stretch those glutes and hips with the pigeon pose. From a kneeling position, bring one leg forward and rest it on the mat, creating a pigeon-like shape. Slowly sink into the stretch while keeping your upper body lifted. For an additional stretch, reach for your back foot and gently pull it towards your glutes. Switch sides to target both hips evenly.

The Yogi Squat

To open up your hips after a squat-heavy workout or simply to improve flexibility, we will perform the yogi squat. Sit down as deeply as possible, stabilizing yourself with your elbows if needed. You can also add a gentle twist to each side to further enhance the stretch. This pose is excellent for the hip area.

Forward Fold and Hamstring Stretch

Now, we will focus on the hamstrings and lower back once again. Extend your legs in front of you and reach for your toes. If you can’t touch your toes, it’s okay to bend your knees. Straighten your back, focusing on breathing deeply throughout the stretch. As the seconds pass, try to sink a little bit deeper into the stretch.

Wide-Leg Forward Fold

Take a wide-legged stance and fold forward as far as you comfortably can. Keep your toes pointing towards the ceiling, and twist slightly outward to avoid collapsing inward. Aim to lengthen your reach with each breath, feeling a satisfying stretch in the inner thighs and lower back.

Side Stretch

While still in the wide-legged position, reach for one side, creating space for your chest and lengthening your upper body. Gently release and switch sides, reaching for the other foot while enjoying the stretch along the side of your body.

Butterfly Pose

Moving on to the inner thighs and hip area, assume the butterfly pose. Sit with the soles of your feet together and lean forward, placing your elbows and underarms on the floor. This stretch targets the inner thigh muscles and provides a soothing sensation. Stay in this pose for a minute to fully enjoy its benefits.

Pretzel Stretch

Lie on your back and bring one leg up and over, resembling a pretzel shape. Keep both shoulders on the ground and enjoy the stretch in your lower back. Switch to the other side, ensuring that both sides receive equal attention. This stretch is fantastic for the mobility of the lower back and hips.

Lower Back Release

Roll into a fetal position, hugging your knees close to your chest. This position helps release tension in the lower back and feels incredibly comforting. Remain in this position for 30 seconds, allowing your body to relax and feel at ease.

Cat-Cow Pose

Transition to an all-fours position and move into cat and cow poses to mobilize your spine. Arch your back like a stretching cat and then relax into a cow position, repeating the sequence a few times. This exercise increases the mobility of your spine and feels amazing.

Tummy Back Scoot

To engage your core and strengthen your back, draw your navel towards your spine as you squeeze your stomach and hold it for 30 seconds. Imagine scooting your tummy backward while maintaining good posture. This exercise helps build stability and provides a final challenge for your body.

A Well-Stretched Conclusion

That concludes our 15-minute whole body stretch routine! I hope you enjoyed the session and found it beneficial. Remember, you can incorporate this routine into your daily schedule, whether it’s before bed, after a workout, or to start your day. Take care of your body and have a wonderful day!

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