17 Day Kickstart Diet : A Doctor’s Plan For Dropping Pounds, Toxins, And Bad Habits by Mike Moreno

17 Day Kickstart Diet : A Doctor's Plan For Dropping Pounds, Toxins, And Bad Habits by Mike Moreno

Author: Mike Moreno
View book: 17 Day Kickstart Diet : A Doctor’s Plan For Dropping Pounds, Toxins, And Bad Habits

The New York Times bestselling author of the revolutionary The 17 Day Diet presents a comprehensive weight loss program that emphasizes a plant-forward lifestyle and provides practical strategies for making healthy choices effortlessly. Dr. Mike Moreno, who previously enjoyed excellent health, experienced a series of personal setbacks including a divorce, the loss of loved ones, and a painful diagnosis, which took a toll on his emotional well-being and physical health. However, with a life-changing wake-up call, Dr. Mike turned his life around and now shares the accessible program that helped him regain his health despite the challenges.

The 17 Day Kickstart Diet offers a user-friendly approach to achieving optimal health with mouthwatering recipes, simple meal-planning techniques, manageable exercise strategies, and supportive wellness rituals. It is a straightforward guide that demonstrates how prioritizing well-being is always possible, even amidst life’s chaos. In just seventeen days, individuals can begin shedding pounds, reducing inflammation, and experiencing increased energy and mental focus.

As Dr. Moreno affirms, “I am thrilled when people utilize the tools they have been given to enact positive change in their lives. Now, it is your turn.” This book follows three essential phases that not only assist in reducing toxins but also inspire personal growth like never before. Consider The 17 Day Kickstart Diet your new playbook on the journey to becoming a healthier and happier version of yourself.

“Overcoming Adversity: From Weight Gain to Heartbreak, Finding Strength and Resilience”

A Life Transformed: From Stability to Turmoil and Back Again

A woman had built a fulfilling life with her beloved pets in a state of contentment and security. However, unknowingly, she started gaining weight and realized the extent of it after stepping on a scale during a Thanksgiving hotel stay. Shockingly, she had gained 35 pounds, going from 175 to 210 pounds. While swimming regularly, her unchecked food intake had led to “fit fat” status.

Sharing a snapshot of the scale reading with her brother, they both laughed at the staggering weight. Despite her nonchalant reaction, her married life took an unexpected turn when fertility issues arose. Multiple miscarriages affected her and her spouse profoundly. Eventually, they mutually decided that having children wasn’t meant for them, or so she believed.

Yet, one fateful morning, her wife’s devastating revelation shattered her world. The sudden decision to end their marriage left her utterly devastated. Though she tried to cope with her emotions while at work, her friends became her refuge during those dark times. She managed to maintain her patients’ care without a missed day of work, but the weekends were unbearable in the empty house where their life together unfolded.

To numb the pain, she resorted to self-destructive habits. Drinking excessively, smoking cigars, and adopting an unhealthy diet became her coping mechanisms. Admittedly, the stress caused her to lose weight, but it wasn’t sustainable or conducive to her well-being. Despite encouragement from a trusted friend who had experienced something similar, she struggled to believe that healing was within reach.

However, in February 2018, eighteen months after the divorce, she decided to sell the house and moved into a condo near supportive friends. Personal Growth, began to emerge, like being reborn from a suffocating haze into the warmth of sunlight. Just as hope was starting to flicker, news of her sister’s illness reached her.

Coming from a close-knit family, she was notified of her sister’s illness by her nephew. Stephanie, also known as Stevie, had experienced immense grief after losing her husband of 55 years to pulmonary fibrosis. Solemnness enveloped her, and her well-being had deteriorated since his passing. Concerned and anxious, she reached out to her nephew for details.

He revealed that Stevie had gone to the doctor because of her jaundiced appearance, a symptom of an underlying health condition.

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