2, 100 Asanas : The Complete Yoga Poses by Daniel Lacerda

2, 100 Asanas : The Complete Yoga Poses by Daniel Lacerda

Author: Daniel Lacerda
View book: 2, 100 Asanas : The Complete Yoga Poses

This fully-illustrated New York Times bestseller, “2,100 Asanas”, offers a comprehensive collection of yoga poses. With stunning photographs and detailed descriptions, it provides a valuable resource for yogis of all levels.

Designed with a thoughtful and inspiring approach, this meticulously-crafted guide explores familiar poses while also introducing modified versions. These modifications aim to offer a wider range of healthful options to accommodate individuals of different experience levels and ages.

Organized into eight sections, “2,100 Asanas” covers the major types of poses including standing, seated, core, quadruped, inversions, prone, supine, and backbends. Each section is carefully structured, progressing from easy poses to more challenging ones.

Every pose in the book is accompanied by its name in English and Sanskrit, the Drishti point (eye gaze), the chakras that are affected, and the primary benefits. This comprehensive information provides a well-rounded understanding of each pose and its potential impact on the body and mind.

“2100 Asanas: A Visual Guide to Yoga Poses – Book Review”

Review: “2100 Asanas – The Complete Yoga Poses” by Daniel Lacerda

Welcome back to Yoga Teacher Reviews! Today, I want to share my thoughts on a book called “2100 Asanas – The Complete Yoga Poses” by Daniel Lacerda, the founder of Mr. Yoga Inc. This visually captivating coffee table book was a gift to me, but I also spotted it in a Costco in Honolulu.

“2100 Asanas” is not your typical yoga book. It’s more of a visual masterpiece, filled with stunning photographs of various yoga poses. Each section begins with a large photo of a pose, accompanied by detailed instructions on how to execute it. As you continue flipping through the pages, you’ll find numerous variations of the same pose, offering creative and artistic interpretations of yoga asanas.

The strength of this book lies in its expansive collection of poses. It goes beyond the traditional and familiar postures, presenting unique shapes and modifications you probably haven’t encountered before. As a yoga teacher, I find this book invaluable for inspiration during photo shoots, as well as for diversifying my classes and challenging advanced students.

While the author, Daniel Lacerda, may not have a well-established background in yoga, his expertise shines through the beautiful imagery showcased in this book. A quick online search will reveal his modeling gigs and quirky merchandise, but his qualifications and training remain vaguely mentioned. This could raise some skepticism about his authority in the yoga world.

Each pose in the book is labeled with its name, a pose type description, the Sanskrit pronunciation, and the recommended drishti point (where to focus your gaze). Additionally, you’ll find symbols indicating which chakras are activated or aligned by each pose.

“2100 Asanas” serves as a delightful addition to any coffee table. It’s a great gift option for yoga teachers or enthusiasts seeking creative ideas and a fresh perspective on traditional poses. While it’s not essential reading material, flipping through the pages will spark your curiosity, with each captivating image inviting you to explore new possibilities for your own practice.

Have you come across this book or own a copy? I’d love to hear your thoughts! And if you haven’t already, don’t forget to subscribe for more yoga-related content. Stay inspired and keep practicing!

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