2- Pack– Color!/Make It Yours! by Unknown author

2- Pack-- Color!/Make It Yours! by Unknown author

Author: Unknown author
View book: 2- Pack– Color!/Make It Yours!Trading Spaces Color! and Trading Spaces Make it Yours! are two books that perfectly complement each other, offering unique perspectives on interior design.

In Trading Spaces Color!, readers will discover the power of color in transforming the ambiance of a room. Through a collection of before and after pictures, this book showcases how adding color in different ways can completely change the mood of a space.

On the other hand, Trading Spaces Make it Yours! focuses on adding personal touches to everyday living spaces. This book provides readers with practical tips and creative ideas on how to infuse their own unique style into their homes.

By combining the knowledge and insights from both these books, readers can not only explore the impact of color in interior design but also learn how to personalize their living spaces in a way that reflects their individuality.


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