Introducing: Book Bloggers Chat

I’ve decided to start my own Facebook group for book bloggers.

Book Bloggers Chat

This group is intended to be a place for book bloggers to talk and chat about various issues and topics relevant to us.

There will be weekly threads devoted to:

  • Sharing your newest blog post (Mondays)
  • Sharing your newest book review (Wednesdays)
  • Share your current read(s) (Friday)

Please join if you’re a book blogger looking to connect!

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Book Bloggers Chat (Facebook Group)

6 thoughts on “Introducing: Book Bloggers Chat

  1. Hello! How do you feel about brand new book bloggers joining? I’m in the process of starting up my blog and would definitely love to connect with people!


      • Awesome, thanks! ❤ I've requested to join and really look forward to connecting with more book bloggers and learning from you all! I've dabbled with blogging in the past (not for books) and am really looking forward to getting started =)

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