What’s Library Popular- February 2021

One of the most interesting things about working in a library is seeing what is or isn’t popular with ‘regular’ readers (readers who aren’t likely wrapped up in the online book community).

I was using the software we have to get some inspiration for putting together a new YA book display. I have to say these aren’t who I would have thought would have been popular (most checked out) authors for the system.

Note: I work in the biggest city in the state but we are still slowly reopening with no seating/programs. That likely influences who is checking out books & what they are reading.

1 Flanagan, John

I think this was my biggest surprise. I’ve never read his books but this prompted me to put book 1 of the Ranger’s Apprentice on hold.

2 Maas, Sarah J.
3 Meyer, Marissa
4 Meyer, Stephenie
5 Collins, Suzanne
6 Bardugo, Leigh

No surprises here.

7 Springer, Nancy

The Netflix movie last year prompted us to reorder most of the series. They’ve been checked out pretty much nonstop!

8 Patterson, James

Oh, James Patterson. I’m not entirely sure if people are actually reading these (or intentionally checking them out). Many older readers like JP and will therefore put holds on any and all JP’s books. He also writes YA and children’s books so they put holds on those without realizing it. I’d be more curious to see the number of people actually reading the books vs checking them out.

9 Paulsen, Gary

Paulsen has always had pretty steady numbers. Wonder if it’s for ‘fun’ reading or school reading?

10 Han, Jenny
11 Jackson, Tiffany D.
12 Black, Holly
13 Pullman, Philip
14 Cass, Kiera
15 Clare, Cassandra
16 Paolini, Christopher

Once again, no surprises here.

17 Anderson, Laurie Halse

A bit surprising since she hasn’t released a new book in a few years.

18 Cashore, Kristin

19 Charbonneau, Joelle

Another surprising one.

20 Dickerson, Melanie

Never read anything by her but her books are constantly cycling in and out.

So there you have it!
Anything really surprise you?

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8 thoughts on “What’s Library Popular- February 2021

  1. This was an interesting post! As someone who gets almost all of my books from the library, I’m always curious what other people are checking out.


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