2084 Report : A Novel Of The Great Warming by James Lawrence Powell

2084 Report : A Novel Of The Great Warming by James Lawrence Powell

Author: James Lawrence Powell
View book: 2084 Report : A Novel Of The Great Warming

For fans of The Drowned World and World War Z, this “sobering and scary (and fascinating) novel–a look at where we’re going if we don’t quickly get our act together” (Bill McKibben, New York Times bestselling author) regarding climate change–unveils our potential terrifying future.

2084: Global warming has proven worse than even the most dire predictions scientists had made at the turn of the century. No country–and no one–has remained unscathed.

Through interviews with scientists, political leaders, and citizens around the globe, this riveting fictional oral history describes in graphic detail the irreversible effects the Great Warming has had on humankind and the planet. In short chapters about topics like sea level rise, drought, migration, war, and more, The 2084 Report brings global warming to life, revealing a new reality in which Rotterdam doesn’t exist, Phoenix has no electricity, and Canada is part of the United States.

From wars over limited resources to the en masse migrations of entire countries and the rising suicide rate, the characters describe other issues they are confronting in the world they share with the next two generations.

“If the existential threat of climate change keeps you up at night, James Lawrence Powell’s The 2084 Report will make you want to do everything in your power to elect leaders who will combat global warming and save our planet” (Marie Claire).

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