30- A Supper Club by Liza Elliott

30- A Supper Club by Liza Elliott

Author: Liza Elliott
View book: 30- A Supper Club

County Road 30-A, a scenic road running along the coast of the Florida panhandle, winds its way next to an incredibly breathtaking beach. It is on this very beach that sociologist, Harley McBride, discovers something unexpected – a valuable gold coin that has washed up ashore.

Intrigued by this discovery, Harley embarks on a mission to uncover the origin and significance of the coin. Little does she know that her pursuit will lead her into a murky and mysterious world, where her closest friends and fellow members of the esteemed 30-A Supper Club hold tightly guarded family secrets that trace back to the Civil War.

Thus begins an intricate and captivating journey as Harley utilizes her sociological skills to unravel the truth behind the coin. With each gathering of the monthly Supper Club, she delves deeper into a web of deceit, uncovering fraud, illicit affairs, and even murder within the exclusive ranks of the club.

Harley’s friendships are put to the test as she navigates this treacherous landscape, with each menu and location of the Supper Club offering new clues and revelations. With every step she takes, she edges closer to the shocking revelation of the coin’s meaning and its unholy source, exposing the most astonishing family secret of the Confederate era.

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