31 Cozy Home Ideas by Liz Marie Galvan

31 Cozy Home Ideas by Liz Marie Galvan

Author: Liz Marie Galvan
View book: 31 Cozy Home Ideas

Are you in search of cozy decor inspiration or affordable DIY projects to transform your house into a beautiful and welcoming home? Look no further! Liz Marie Galvan, a renowned interior designer and popular blogger, has put together a delightful collection of 31 Cozy Home Ideas that are not only easy to recreate but also budget-friendly.

This interior design card deck serves as an enjoyable tool to help you create an inspiration board or a project to-do list. Packed with various DIY projects and QR codes that provide access to online tutorials, this deck has everything you need to bring your decorating ideas to life. In addition, it includes a complimentary cozy photo preset and stunning full-color images to fuel your creativity.

From inspiration for door decor and architectural salvage to farmhouse style, storage solutions, outdoor projects, and much more, 31 Cozy Home Ideas offers a wide range of options to suit your taste. Liz also shares ingenious ways to display your collectibles while infusing cozy cottage style into your living space.

Whether you’re looking for a Christmas, birthday, or Mother’s Day gift, or simply a practical housewarming gift, 31 Cozy Home Ideas is the perfect choice. Liz, a passionate enthusiast who lives in an 1800s farmhouse, has garnered praise for her design expertise from media outlets like the TODAY show, Better Homes and Gardens, and Country Living. With Liz’s helpful online tutorials and easy-to-follow decorating tips, you’ll be able to create a warm and inviting living space.

If you’re craving more of Liz’s cozy DIY inspiration and home decor tips, be sure to check out her other books, Cozy White Cottage and Cozy White Seasons.

“Tour Liz Marie Galvan’s Michigan Farmhouse | Fall interior design trends”

September is the ideal time to refresh your home for fall, especially since we’re spending more time indoors these days. With design trends constantly evolving, we’ve asked interior designer Liz Marie Galvin to share what’s hot and what’s not. Liz Marie, author of “Cozy White Cottage: A Hundred Ways to Love the Feeling of Being Home,” is ready to give us a tour of her charming farmhouse in Michigan. Let’s dive in!

Introducing Liz Marie Galvin

Greetings everyone! Thank you for joining us today. It’s a chilly and rainy day here in Michigan, making it the perfect cozy day to visit. I’m thrilled to let you peek inside my home and see what those with fabulous taste do behind closed doors. Just like many of you, I’ve been working on various projects over the summer, slowly transforming my 1800s farmhouse into a personal sanctuary. This extended time at home has allowed me ample opportunity to make this house truly my own. Now, let’s begin the tour and test your knowledge on the latest design trends!

Foyer Transformation

We’ll start in the foyer, a space that used to be a small coat closet beneath the staircase. By removing the wall and closet, we transformed it into a cozy nook that serves our family better. This little corner has become a favorite spot for my husband, our 18-month-old son, and me to sit and enjoy the view of our farm. Now, onto the stunning living room!

Liz Marie’s Living Room

Welcome to the front living room of our farmhouse. This room has been a work in progress, but it’s definitely taking shape. Now, here’s a question for you: are monochromatic rooms still in style, or do rooms with contrast take the lead? It’s a tough one! While we love monochromatic tones, we’ve added contrast through various wooden elements such as the mantel, coffee table, and the large apothecary cabinet. These pieces add depth and charm to the space.

The Beauty of Wood

We often find these wooden treasures at antique stores and flea markets. Recently, with more time spent at home, we’ve discovered the joys of online antique shopping. I’ve been sharing my finds on my blog to help fellow enthusiasts. Now, here’s another question: which is more interesting, stained wood or raw wood pieces? Well, it’s a matter of personal preference. While stained wood pieces are timeless and elegant, the trend has shifted towards warm and relaxed raw wood items that infuse cozy vibes into a room.

Dining Delight

Now, let’s step into our gorgeous dining room! This table serves multiple purposes, from dinner gatherings to work sessions. With the extended time at home, we’ve been making the most of this space. Here’s your next question: what does the term “patina” refer to? Is it the finished color of this wood or the finish on these antique jars? It’s a tricky one! Patina actually refers to the aging or weathering of any surface, enhancing texture and, ultimately, creating a cozier atmosphere.

The Heart of Liz Marie’s Home

Finally, we’ve arrived at the most important room in any house – the kitchen. Our kitchen truly is the heart of our home. One of our favorite features is the sunroom adjacent to the kitchen, where we spend mornings sipping coffee and watching cartoons with our little one. As for all those drawers, they’re currently empty, but I’m sure they’ll collect something over time.

We’ve opted to paint the wooden floors in the kitchen, and I know it can be intimidating for some. But don’t worry! We used porch paint, which is both durable and easy to clean. Now, for our final trend question: are bright and vibrant paint colors currently on-trend, or do aged and muted colors take the spotlight? You guessed it right – aged and muted hues are all the rage. Whether on walls or in furniture pieces, such as this wooden cabinet with charming patina, these colors breathe life into your space.

A Parting Note

Thank you all for joining us on this tour of my farmhouse. Your positive feedback and support mean the world to me. Although we haven’t explored every room in the house, I hope you’ve gained inspiration for your own cozy spaces. Oh, and by the way, even our bedroom doesn’t always look perfect – it’s currently half made! We’re just like you, striving to create a home that reflects our personalities and brings us joy. Once again, thank you for being here, and I look forward to our future adventures together. Take care!

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