365 Slow Cooker Suppers by Stephanie O’Dea

365 Slow Cooker Suppers by Stephanie O'Dea

Author: Stephanie O’Dea
View book: 365 Slow Cooker Suppers

Slow cooker enthusiasts are big fans of their devices because of the simplicity they provide in the kitchen. They love being able to use affordable cuts of meat that turn perfectly tender. However, the challenge lies in finding reliable recipes. That’s where Stephanie O’Dea, a best-selling author and the creator of the popular website crockpot365.blogspot.com, comes in.

O’Dea’s website attracts over a million visitors every month and has become a go-to resource for slow cooker recipes. Her expertise has even landed her appearances on national morning shows like Good Morning America. With her fans clamoring for a new cookbook, O’Dea has delivered with a book that offers 365 recipes, directly linked to her website.

What sets this cookbook apart is that every recipe is written with gluten-free options in mind, catering to a large secondary audience. The addition of full-color photography throughout the book is sure to captivate slow cooker enthusiasts, making this collection an absolute must-have for any cooking aficionado.

“Stephanie O’Dea: The Slow Cooker Queen and her Time-Saving Recipes”

Welcome back everyone to today’s article. Our featured author, Stephanie, has released not one but two cookbooks that are guaranteed to make your life easier in the kitchen. Let’s dive into the details of “Make it Fast, Cooking Slow” and its follow-up book, “More Make it Fast, Cook it Slow”.

Stephanie stumbled into the world of cookbook writing when she started working from home for an online ad agency. Wanting to better understand her job, she decided to start a cooking blog. This way, she could share her love for food without revealing too much personal information online. Stephanie’s husband joked that she should start a food blog since she hardly ever cooked, apart from her trusty crock-pot slow cooker. This light-hearted suggestion sparked an idea, and Stephanie committed to using her slow cooker every day in 2008.

An Unexpected Journey

Despite having two kids and a busy household, Stephanie successfully stuck to her challenge. She discovered that using a slow cooker not only saved her time and money, but also allowed her to cook delicious meals without stressing about timing or prepping ingredients during hectic moments. While some people might only use their slow cooker for the occasional pot roast, Stephanie found that she could create a whole range of dishes, from desserts to vegetables.

The Budget-Friendly Solution

Stephanie believes that many people are starting to realize the importance of trimming their grocery budget by cooking at home. And what better way to do it than with a slow cooker? Simply toss all the ingredients in, push a button, and leave it to simmer in its own juices while you go about your day. Stephanie admits that before her challenge, she also saw the slow cooker as just a machine for pot roasts. But after experimenting with it daily, she discovered that it could do so much more – from cheesy dips to indulgent desserts like creme brulee and Bananas Foster.

Hundreds of Recipes

Stephanie’s dedication to her slow cooker challenge resulted in over 500 recipes, with 138 making it into her first cookbook. To cater to busy families, Stephanie decided to focus on budget-friendly recipes for her second book. And if you’re worried about dietary restrictions, fret not – all the recipes happen to be gluten-free. Stephanie and her family have a gluten intolerance, so they made the decision to adopt a gluten-free lifestyle at home.

Unsuccessful Attempts

Of course, not every recipe experiment was a success. Stephanie admits to a few blunders, like attempting to hard-boil eggs in the slow cooker (which turned out to be a disaster) and trying to make fruit roll-ups as a food dehydrator (also a failed experiment). However, she did stumble upon a fantastic surprise – making yogurt in the slow cooker. All it takes is half a gallon of store-bought live active cultures and a little bit of patience.

Safety and Convenience

If you’re worried about leaving your slow cooker unattended while you’re at work all day, there’s no need to fret. Stephanie recommends investing in a programmable slow cooker, especially if you won’t be home for the entire cooking time. These can be found online for around fifty dollars. They allow you to set the cooking time and then automatically switch to a warm setting once the cooking time is up. As for safety, the New York Post conducted tests with firefighters and concluded that leaving a slow cooker on is as safe as leaving a desk lamp on all day.

A Lifesaver for Busy Families

Stephanie understands the challenges of juggling a busy schedule, especially during the “witching hours” when kids can be cranky. That’s why she loves being able to prep her slow cooker meals early in the morning, when everyone is happy and cheerful in the kitchen. By the time dinner rolls around, the whole house is filled with delicious aromas, and Stephanie can relax and enjoy quality time with her family.

A Dorm Room Essential

For those heading off to college, Stephanie suggests gifting them a slow cooker and a cookbook. Living in a sorority or fraternity house? Stephanie has received numerous emails from students who have embraced slow cooker cooking as a group. They pitch in for groceries and can enjoy a good, inexpensive meal by simply tossing ingredients into the pot and letting it do its magic.

You can purchase Stephanie’s cookbooks online or at your local bookstores. For more recipe inspiration, visit her blog at crockpot365.blogspot.com. Happy slow cooking!

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