40 : A Doonesbury Retrospective by G B Trudeau

40 : A Doonesbury Retrospective by G B Trudeau

Author: G B Trudeau
View book: 40 : A Doonesbury Retrospective

Long considered a political cartoon icon of its time, Garry Trudeau’s Doonesbury marks its 40th anniversary with a visually stunning retrospective. This extensive and elegant anthology delves into the rich tapestry of characters that have brought the strip to life.

It all began on October 26, 1970, when sports enthusiast B.D. crossed paths with his socially inept and nerdy roommate, Mike. Over 14,000 strips later, the world of Doonesbury has expanded into a vast universe held together by a complex web of relationships, featuring more than 40 prominent characters spanning three generations.

The book opens with a profound essay by G. B. Trudeau himself, offering a comprehensive view of his sprawling creation. Within its pages, 1,800 beautifully curated strips chronicle the pivotal adventures and intersections of the ever-evolving cast, including beloved figures like Zonker, Joanie, Duke, and Honey, as well as newer additions such as Zipper, Alex, and Toggle.

Enriching the anthology are 18 detailed essays by Trudeau, where he delves further into individual characters and groups. Adding to the visual delight, the highlight of the book is a remarkable four-page foldout, meticulously illustrating the mind-boggling network of relationships with insightful annotations.

Containing a wealth of captivating storytelling and providing an illuminating overview, 40: A Doonesbury Retrospective offers a unique opportunity to fully immerse oneself in one of the most remarkable comic strips ever created.

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