5- Minute Phonics (Pokémon) by Unknown author

5- Minute Phonics (Pokémon) by Unknown author

Author: Unknown author
View book: 5- Minute Phonics (Pokémon)

Make the most out of your reading time! Join Ash, Pikachu, and all the beloved Pokémon characters in an exciting phonics adventure that kids and parents can enjoy together. This engaging book includes five captivating stories and five entertaining activities.

The latest research in the Science of Reading has proven that teaching kids to read through systematic phonics instruction is the most effective method. And now, caregivers can effortlessly support these crucial phonics skills with the help of their favorite Pokémon characters, dedicating just five minutes each day.

This compelling collection of simple stories provides a delightful and enjoyable way to reinforce essential phonics skills. Dive into each story as a team, sounding out the highlighted words, and then wrap up with a fun and straightforward activity.

“Kids Book Read Aloud: Pokémon Let It Snow”

Hi everyone, it’s Janice from The Reading Train. This story is a Pokémon adventure called “Let it Snow”, adapted by Tracy West.

Togepi and Pikachu were embarking on a new journey with their friend Todd, who was in search of the elusive Articuno, a rare Pokémon. Ash, Misty, and Brock joined Todd to assist him in his mission.

Brock summoned his Golbat, who used its sonic power to locate Articuno. However, instead of finding the legendary Pokémon, Golbat discovered a frozen Jigglypuff. Misty exclaimed in disappointment while Ash called upon his Cyndaquil to melt the ice encasing Jigglypuff.

Misty asked Jigglypuff if it knew where Articuno could be found, and the friendly Pokémon pointed towards the top of Snowtop Peak. Determined, Ash suggested that they climb to the summit.

Unbeknownst to them, Team Rocket was also ascending Snowtop Peak. However, the trio found themselves stuck on a ledge, facing the imminent threat of freezing. Suddenly, a Pokémon flew down from the sky as snow fell all around. Meowth cried out, questioning the identity of the Pokémon.

The mysterious Pokémon rescued Team Rocket and brought them to safety. Meanwhile, Ash and his friends continued their climb up Snowtop Peak. Unaware of Team Rocket’s presence, they eventually reached a Pokémon Center, where Officer Jenny was stationed.

Todd eagerly expressed his desire to capture a photo of Articuno. Officer Jenny informed him that Articuno was an incredibly rare Pokémon, and not many people had encountered one. Nurse Joy overheard their conversation and assured them that Snowtop Peak was the perfect place to find Articuno.

Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny escorted the group outside, where they encountered a statue of Articuno. Ash marveled at the sight, commenting on its coolness. Suddenly, a strong wind blew and snow began to fall. Ash exclaimed that Team Rocket had returned.

Jesse, James, and Meowth had fallen to the ground alongside the snow. They recounted their encounter with Articuno, realizing that the mythical Pokémon had indeed come to their aid. Inspired by Articuno’s actions, Todd was determined to find it immediately.

With Ash and his friends in pursuit, they continued climbing Snowtop Peak. Jigglypuff followed along, and Misty grew concerned as the snowfall intensified. Visibility became near impossible, as the friends found themselves surrounded by a white snowstorm.

Pikachu alerted Ash with its signature cry of “Pika Pika”. Curious, Ash inquired about the matter, when suddenly, a Pokémon flew directly in front of them – Articuno. Todd cried out in excitement, causing everyone to halt and admire the beautiful creature. However, upon taking a step forward, Ash realized they were at the edge of a cliff, their vision obstructed by the heavy snowfall.

Articuno’s warning cry had saved them from a potentially dangerous fall. Todd attempted to capture a photograph of the legendary bird, but they were interrupted by Team Rocket. Ash questioned their motives, reminding them that Articuno had aided them in the past and could do so again.

Team Rocket summoned Arbok and Weezing to battle Articuno. Arbok initiated the attack with Poison Sting, but Articuno remained unharmed. In retaliation, Articuno unleashed an Ice Beam. Jesse deployed Wobbuffet, whose Mirror Coat reflected the ice attack back towards Articuno. Thankfully, Articuno narrowly avoided the Ice Beam, which struck the snowy peak instead, causing chunks of ice to break off and tumble down.

Unfortunately, Ash and Todd were caught in the chaos, descending down the cliff. Pikachu, displaying its unwavering loyalty, leaped off the cliff to aid Ash. Jigglypuff also jumped, using its inflated form to glide safely down to the ground while carrying Pikachu on its back. They found Ash and Todd, relieved that they were unharmed.

Team Rocket also crashed down a short while later, realizing the error of their ways. Arbok attacked Articuno again, this time with Poison Sting. Weezing followed suit, launching a Sludge attack. However, Articuno retaliated with a powerful Blizzard. The gusts of wind and snow sent Team Rocket blasting off once more, disappearing into the distance.

As the sun emerged from behind the clouds, Articuno shimmered in the golden light. Todd managed to capture the perfect photograph, bringing a smile to his face. Brock and Misty arrived on a snowmobile, concerned about Ash and his friends’ well-being. With gratitude, Ash reassured them that thanks to Articuno, they were all safe. Pikachu chimed in with its cheerful cry.

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