5- Minute Prayer Plan For When Life Is Overwhelming by Linda Lyle

5- Minute Prayer Plan For When Life Is Overwhelming by Linda Lyle

Author: Linda Lyle
View book: 5- Minute Prayer Plan For When Life Is Overwhelming

Do you ever find yourself stuck in a monotonous prayer routine? Praying for the same things, using the same words, and feeling like your prayer life lacks power? If so, this book is just what you need!

In just 5 minutes a day, you can transform your prayer life into something dynamic, focused, and powerful. This practical and inspirational guide offers 90 different 5-minute prayer plans to help you break free from the repetitive cycle and experience a deeper connection with God.

These prayer plans cover a range of life themes including health, finances, relationships, parenthood, and job stress. Each plan is designed to guide you through a specific area of your life and ignite a conversation with God.

How does it work? Each prayer plan is structured as follows:

  • Minute 1: Immerse yourself in a scripture that will help set the tone for your prayer time.
  • Minutes 2-3: Focus on specific prayer points and thought-provoking questions related to the theme of the plan.
  • Minutes 4-5: Kickstart your conversation with God by using a jump-starter prayer, designed to launch you into a deeper dialogue with Him.

By following these prayer plans, you will discover new ways to approach prayer, experience breakthroughs in different areas of your life, and cultivate a vibrant and meaningful prayer life. Don’t settle for stagnant prayers—take just 5 minutes a day to unlock the power of prayer!

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