5 Years Before You Retire : Retirement Planning When You Need It The Most (Updated) by Emily Guy Birken

5 Years Before You Retire : Retirement Planning When You Need It The Most (Updated) by Emily Guy Birken

Author: Emily Guy Birken
View book: 5 Years Before You Retire : Retirement Planning When You Need It The Most (Updated)

Learn all the necessary steps to create a realistic retirement plan within the next five years. This comprehensive guide provides clear and practical advice that will set you up for a successful future. Many individuals only realize they haven’t saved enough for retirement in their sixties, when it’s often too late to catch up. However, The 5 Years Before You Retire has helped countless people prepare for retirement, even if they’ve waited until the last minute.

In this new and updated edition, you’ll discover the essential actions you need to take within the next five years to optimize your current savings and develop a realistic plan for the future. Covering recent changes in financial planning, taxes, Social Security, healthcare, insurance, and more, this book serves as an all-inclusive guide for every financial, medical, and familial decision you’ll encounter. Whether it’s taking advantage of your company’s 401k employer match, enrolling in Medicare, or discussing housing options with your family, this book covers every aspect of retirement planning.

These straightforward strategies provide detailed explanations on how you can make the most of your last few working years and prepare for the future you’ve always envisioned. Whether you’re just starting to devise a plan or have been saving since your first job, The 5 Years Before You Retire, Updated Edition, will provide you with the essential knowledge to ensure a comfortable life in the years to come.

“The 5 Years Before You Retire: Road Test Your Retirement and Make Smarter Money Decisions”

Are you ready to turn your investments into retirement income? Listen in as Jeremy Kyle and his guests reveal ways you can make smarter retirement investment and tax planning decisions to achieve your ideal retirement. On this episode of Retirement Revealed, Jeremy welcomes guest Emily Guy Birken, an author and money writer. Emily shares her journey of becoming a money writer and discusses her two books, “The Five Years Before You Retire” and “Stacked: Your Super Serious Guide to Modern Money Management.”

From English Teacher to Money Writer

Emily explains that she became a money writer by accident. With a background in English education, she was pregnant with her first child when her husband accepted a new job. Unable to find employment due to her impending maternity leave, Emily decided to freelance write, initially focusing on travel, food, and parenting topics. However, she stumbled upon a gig writing for a financial website and discovered her passion for personal finance. This led her to attend the Financial Blogger Conference, where she met other money writers and continued her journey in the industry.

The Five Years Before You Retire

Emily’s first book, “The Five Years Before You Retire,” provides practical advice on retirement planning. She emphasizes the importance of the pre-retirement period as a time for road-testing retirement plans and considering non-monetary factors, such as how you want to spend your time and where you want to live. Emily also encourages individuals to move beyond general rules of thumb and calculate their specific retirement expenses and financial needs.

Stacked: Your Super Serious Guide to Modern Money Management

In her collaboration with Joe Saul-Sehy on “Stacked: Your Super Serious Guide to Modern Money Management,” Emily aimed to create a lighthearted and humorous book about finance. The book covers various aspects of modern money management, including the challenges posed by technology, avoiding impulsive spending, and the benefits of auto-investing and automation. Emily and Joe share personal anecdotes and mistakes to help readers feel comfortable with their own financial journeys and find humor in their financial missteps.

Final Thoughts

Emily emphasizes the importance of owning and acknowledging financial mistakes while finding humor in them. She highlights the need to forgive oneself and move forward, learning from past errors and making better financial decisions in the future. Emily also encourages individuals to understand the psychological aspects of money management in a modern world, finding strategies to outsmart impulsive spending and maximize financial opportunities.

If you’re interested in learning more or getting in touch with Emily, check out her website, emilyguybirken.com, or connect with her on Twitter (@EmilyGuyBirken) and Facebook (Author Emily Guy Birken).

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