50 Final Events In World History : The Bible’s Last Words On Earth’s Final Days by Robert J Morgan

50 Final Events In World History : The Bible's Last Words On Earth's Final Days by Robert J Morgan

Author: Robert J Morgan
View book: 50 Final Events In World History : The Bible’s Last Words On Earth’s Final Days

Discover the Untold Truths of the Apocalypse

Ready yourself for an astounding journey into the mysteries of the end of the world. Unveiling the enigmatic text of Revelation, Robert J. Morgan’s renowned volume, 50 Final Events in World History: The Bible’s Last Words on Earth’s Final Days, will guide you through the prophetic prophecies step-by-step. Delve into the cataclysmic events that loom over our future, while deciphering the intricate web of the present.

Morgan’s treasured masterpiece presents an easily digestible overview of the book of Revelation, ensuring that even the most perplexing passages become crystal clear. This singular opus not only serves as a comprehensive resource for future reference, but also as an indispensable guide to decipher the sequential unfolding of Revelation’s events. Through these pages, you will unearth the profound secrets that lie within the Bible’s last words, illuminating the path to understanding our final days.

Don’t pass on this extraordinary opportunity to plunge into the depths of knowledge regarding the world’s ultimate destiny. Secure your copy of 50 Final Events in World History: The Bible’s Last Words on Earth’s Final Days today and unlock the enigmas of the impending apocalypse.

“Unveiling the Final Events of World History – A Journey through the Book of Revelation”

Good morning, it’s a pleasure to be here. Thank you for the introduction. I would like to share with you today the content of my new web post, centered around the book of Revelation. Today holds special significance as it would have been my 46th wedding anniversary and 45th anniversary of ministering at the Donaldson Fellowship. The book of Revelation is a powerful and hopeful message that brings the Bible to its fitting conclusion.

Let’s take a brief journey through the entire book of Revelation. The book begins with an introduction in chapters 1-3, where John, the last surviving apostle, receives a vision of Jesus and writes a message to the seven primary churches. After the introduction, we move into the future or the prophetic section of the book in chapter 4. Here, we witness a great celebration in heaven as the tribulation begins.

The tribulation, a seven-year period characterized by global catastrophes, is described through the breaking of the seven seals and the sounding of the seven trumpets. These events drive people to seek Jesus and judge evil. In the middle of the tribulation, a satanic trinity emerges, consisting of the devil, the Antichrist, and the false prophet. They seek to destroy the nation of Israel and establish a one-world government.

As the tribulation comes to its halfway point, we enter the great tribulation. The Antichrist sets up an image in the rebuilt Jewish temple, triggering a sequence of disasters known as the seven bowls of wrath. During this time, the armies of the world gather at Armageddon to come against Israel. Just when it seems like all is lost, Jesus returns, bringing an end to the war and establishing his kingdom.

After the kingdom is established, we have the great white throne judgment and a new heaven and new earth are created. The book closes with an invitation to accept Jesus as Savior and partake in the water of life.

This is just a summary of the content from my web post. Understanding the book of Revelation is important for every generation, but particularly for us as we see its events unfolding in our world today. Let us embrace the hope and anticipation that comes from knowing the future that God has planned for us.

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