62 Aaron Judge The New York by Bryan Hoch

62 Aaron Judge The New York by Bryan Hoch

Author: Bryan Hoch
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In a captivating, groundbreaking account described as “the definitive story” by baseball columnist Tyler Kepner, Aaron Judge’s extraordinary pursuit of breaking Roger Maris’s home run record is chronicled. Judge, the imposing figure from a humble California town who effortlessly exudes a down-to-earth charm, has cemented his status as one of the most fearsome power hitters in baseball.

His bat launches baseballs with such force that they resemble missiles, headed straight for the “Judge’s Chambers” in right field, leaving exuberant fans scrambling for mementos. But despite the advanced technology that meticulously measures every swing, Maris’s longstanding American League record of sixty-one home runs appeared nearly unattainable.

Over a decade had passed since baseball purged itself of the tainted era marred by players like Mark McGwire, Sammy Sosa, and Barry Bonds, who tarnished the record book. With the leveling of the playing field, pitchers armed with an unprecedented array of weapons, surpassing the imaginations of Babe Ruth and Maris, only a special talent could contemplate challenging the sixty-one home run mark.

Judge, who gambled his future by rejecting a staggering $213.5 million contract extension just before the regular season, was determined to rise to the occasion. Bryan Hoch, a seasoned Yankees beat reporter, offers a comprehensive and compelling account of Judge’s remarkable journey to surpass Maris’s cherished record in his book entitled “62”.

In addition to unearthing the intricacies of Judge’s pursuit, the book explores the fascinating aspects of a season like no other. Hoch delves into the burning questions surrounding Judge’s future, such as where and how he will continue to deliver his sensational performances.

“62: Aaron Judge’s Pursuit of Greatness with the New York Yankees”

Welcome back! In the book “62: Aaron Judge and the New York Yankees’ Pursuit of Greatness,” author Brian Hawk provides readers with an exclusive insider’s view of one of baseball’s most thrilling seasons. The book closely follows Aaron Judge’s incredible journey as he aims to surpass Roger Maris’s legendary record and etch his name in baseball history. Hawk delves into the unique challenges of the season and explores intriguing questions about Judge’s future success.

Recognizing Something Great

Hawk embarked on this project about a year ago when the Yankees were leading the American League East and Judge had 31 home runs by the All-Star break. The team’s dominance combined with Judge’s exceptional performance made Hawk realize that something special was happening.

The Moment to Start Writing

Hawk decided to start writing the book in July of last year, but it truly took hold when Judge hit his 50th home run in August. As the excitement built up to his pursuit of Maris’s record, Hawk understood that this was more than just a great season – it was an extraordinary phenomenon that would be remembered for years to come.

Capturing the Big Moments

One of the remarkable aspects of Judge’s season was his ability to hit powerful walk-off home runs. Hawk points out that technology now allows us to measure the exit velocities, revealing the sheer force behind Judge’s hits. The monumental nature of his home runs, coupled with his overall impact on the team’s success, highlighted his unique talent and value.

The Compare and Contrast

Hawk draws a comparison between Aaron Judge’s season and Michael Jordan’s famous run in basketball, as depicted in the “Last Dance” documentary. Both athletes captured the attention of the nation and emerged as stars in their respective sports. Judge’s humility, focus on team success, and his ability to handle the pressure of the chase further solidified his status as a remarkable player.

The Maris Family’s Support

Throughout Judge’s pursuit of Maris’s record, the Maris family showed their support by attending games and even contributing to the book. Hawk describes this passing of the torch from Roger Maris to Judge as a special moment for both families. The Maris family appreciates that their record now belongs to a player of Judge’s caliber who achieved this feat cleanly.

Will We See It Again?

Although Judge’s injury prevented him from reaching higher home run numbers this season, Hawk believes that the sky is the limit for Judge’s future potential. With a full and healthy season, Hawk believes Judge could challenge the all-time record of 73 home runs set by Barry Bonds. The author, and many fans, are excited to see what Judge can accomplish moving forward.

For more information on Brian Hawk and his book, visit his website brianhawk.com and follow him on Twitter at Brian Hawk.

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