7 Years Younger : The Revolutionary 7- Week Anti- Aging Plan by Good Housekeeping Magazine and Editors of Good Housekeeping

7 Years Younger : The Revolutionary 7- Week Anti- Aging Plan by Good Housekeeping Magazine and Editors of Good Housekeeping

Author: Good Housekeeping Magazine and Editors of Good Housekeeping
View book: 7 Years Younger : The Revolutionary 7- Week Anti- Aging Plan
Jumpstart Your Rejuvenation Journey with the “7 Years Younger” Program

Dr. Mehmet Oz, Professor and Vice-chair of Surgery, NYP-Columbia Medical Center, and Host of “The Dr. Oz Show,” raves about the effectiveness of the “7 Years Younger” program, which has become a “New York Times” bestseller. This revolutionary plan is designed to help you look younger, stay slimmer, and feel sexier, no matter what your age.

This comprehensive program begins with a 7-day Jumpstart plan that equips you with all the tools you need to kickstart your transformation. From there, you’ll embark on a 7-week journey that combines science-based strategies to address the signs of aging holistically. The program covers 7 essential areas: skin care, makeup, hair care, nutrition and diet, fitness, brain fitness, and emotional health.

By following this program, you can “de-age” your skin, use smart makeup and hair techniques to achieve a youthful appearance, revamp your diet and exercise habits to reduce the risk of age-related diseases and shed extra pounds, boost your mental acuity, and nurture your emotional well-being. And the best part? You can achieve all of this without going under the knife or breaking the bank with expensive beauty products.

What sets “7 Years Younger” apart is that it was rigorously tested by the scientists at the Good Housekeeping Research Institute. Over the course of two years, they conducted over 5,000 lab tests and examined more than 400 beauty products to identify the ones that truly deliver on their anti-aging claims. To further validate the program, ten test panelists were selected, and their transformational results were nothing short of remarkable.

One participant lost an impressive 12 pounds, another successfully shed 10 inches from her waistline, and a third experienced a restored glow and smoothness to her skin – all scientifically verified improvements. Another panelist even rediscovered the glamour she had lost since becoming a mother. The consensus among the testers was unanimous – “7 Years Younger” offers a convenient one-stop shopping experience for overall beauty, health, and mindset.

According to “Good Housekeeping” editor in chief Rosemary Ellis, the program’s versatility is one of its biggest assets. You have the freedom to tailor it to your preferences by selecting the specific elements you wish to focus on. Treat it like an all-in-one tool kit, allowing you to personalize your rejuvenation journey.

“Scientifically Proven Products: Winners of Best Skincare Line Revealed in September Issue”

Managers with extensive knowledge teamed up with six renowned dermatologists to thoroughly analyze various products and their ingredients. After narrowing down the selection to 90 products, they conducted tests on over 872 women over the course of a year. The testing process involved both laboratory experiments using scientific measurement tools and real-life tests where women used the products and provided detailed feedback. The outcome of this rigorous testing was a collection of scientifically proven products that deliver results, as well as identifying ineffective ones. The list of winners in twelve different categories, ranging from sunscreen to moisturizers, was published in the magazine’s September issue. Additionally, second-place products were also recognized to cater to different needs. The response to this publication was overwhelmingly positive, with countless emails and even conventional mail pouring in. Readers appreciated the product information but also sought answers to various non-product-related questions. Recognizing the program’s success, the magazine started brainstorming and gathering inquiries to address the readers’ curiosity. Despite the challenging nature of this annual endeavor, the magazine plans to continue the program, focusing on skincare in the coming year. The magnitude of this undertaking cannot be overstated, highlighting the dedication of the team in providing readers with reliable and comprehensive information.

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