8 Reglas Del Amor.Cómo Encontrarlo, Mantenerlo Y Dejarlo Ir/8 Rules Of Lo Ve by Jay Shetty

8 Reglas Del Amor.Cómo Encontrarlo, Mantenerlo Y Dejarlo Ir/8 Rules Of Lo Ve by Jay Shetty

Author: Jay Shetty
View book: 8 Reglas Del Amor.Cómo Encontrarlo, Mantenerlo Y Dejarlo Ir/8 Rules Of Lo Ve

The author of the worldwide bestseller “Think Like a Monk” provides a comprehensive guide to navigating the different stages of a romantic relationship, drawing from ancient wisdom and contemporary science. Unlike other aspects of life, nobody formally educates us on how to love. Consequently, we often find ourselves in romantic relationships influenced solely by romantic films and popular culture.

However, Jay Shetty diverges from this notion of love as an ethereal concept, merely comprising of clichés. Instead, he presents specific and practical steps to develop the necessary skills for effectively experiencing and nurturing love. Shetty combines insights from Vedic wisdom and modern scientific knowledge to share his perspectives on defining love, evolving as a couple, and even navigating breakups and new beginnings. His teachings empower us to avoid falling victim to false promises and unsuitable relationships.

By embracing and applying Jay Shetty’s eight rules of love, we can learn to love our partners, ourselves, and the world more profoundly than we ever imagined.

Finding and Nurturing Love: A Guide to Building Lasting Relationships

I believe that many of us have a misconception about love. We tend to think that it will come to us effortlessly and perfectly, when in reality, love requires intentional effort and gradual growth. While I usually like to break rules, I have come to realize that there are certain principles that can help us navigate the challenges and imperfections of love. One key distinction we often overlook is that being in a relationship with yourself is different from being in a relationship with someone else, as it involves dealing with two minds instead of one.

If you type “will I ever” into Google, it predicts that the next words you’ll enter are “find love.” This question about finding love reflects our anxieties, insecurities, and fears about our future. However, it is this very anxiety that often leads us to make poor decisions on our quest for love. Therefore, if you are still searching for love, I urge you to pause and reflect on the love that already exists in your life, both from within yourself and from others.

Take a moment to evaluate whether you are investing your time and energy in places and activities that align with the values of your ideal partner. Also, make sure that you are giving yourself the kind of love that you desire to receive from someone else. Love is deeply ingrained in our nature. If you observe the world around us, you will see that everything in nature, whether it be the ocean or a tree, seeks to give or serve in some way. Unfortunately, as humans, we tend to fixate on taking and wanting love rather than giving it.

A landmark study by Harvard showed that the quality of our relationships is the most significant factor in our happiness. This quality is built upon our capacity to love and receive love. Love is at the core of human happiness, purpose, and the pursuit of a fulfilling life. It unifies us all, transcending cultural differences and language barriers. Regardless of where we are in the world, the experience of love and heartbreak is universal.

We are all connected in our search for love, our experiences of heartbreak, and our shared struggles. You can spend a lifetime seeking love without finding it or you can actively choose to share love, to practice it, and to live it every day. By doing so, you will experience the depths of love continuously throughout your life.

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