A To Z Mysteries Boxed Set : Every Mystery From A To Z! by Ron Roy

A To Z Mysteries Boxed Set : Every Mystery From A To Z! by Ron Roy

Author: Ron Roy
View book: A To Z Mysteries Boxed Set : Every Mystery From A To Z!

Introduce young readers to the exciting world of mystery with this comprehensive boxed set! Featuring the renowned A to Z Mysteries(R) series, which has captivated children for over 25 years, this collection is the perfect gift.

Embark on thrilling adventures alongside Dink, Josh, and Ruth Rose as they uncover clues, solve mysteries, and unravel perplexing cases in their hometown. Whether it’s tracking down missing individuals, apprehending thieves, or rescuing neighborhood pets, these young detectives are always up for a challenge!

The A to Z Mysteries(R) have been a staple in the realm of chapter books, ensnaring readers with their fascinating mysteries and captivating narratives. With over 10 million copies in print, this 26-book boxed set contains the entire series. It’s the perfect addition to any young detective’s bookshelf.

Get ready to immerse yourself in each case, from “The Absent Author” to “The Zombie Zone.” This collection includes all the beloved titles in the series, such as “The Deadly Dungeon,” “The Haunted Hotel,” and “The Yellow Yacht.” Let curiosity guide you through the alphabet as you solve each mystery from A to Z!

Don’t miss out on this extraordinary collection that has sparked the imagination of young readers for more than two decades. Dive into the world of A to Z Mysteries(R) and ignite your passion for sleuthing!

“The Absent Author: A Kidnapping Mystery”

Wallace Wallace, the famous mystery writer, has been kidnapped! Dink, Josh, Ruth Rose, and Mavis Green (aka Wallace Wallace) set out on a mission to find the missing author. They follow the clues from the airport to the taxi, and then to the hotel. However, when they reach Wallace Wallace’s supposed room, they find that he is not there. As they continue their investigation, they discover that Mavis Green is actually Wallace Wallace in disguise. She explains that she faked her own kidnapping to see how real kids would solve the mystery. The group laughs, and Wallace promises to dedicate her next book to her new friends.

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