Abcs Of Kindness At Christmas by Patricia Hegarty

Abcs Of Kindness At Christmas by Patricia Hegarty

Author: Patricia Hegarty
View book: Abcs Of Kindness At Christmas

Spread some holiday cheer this Christmas by giving the gift of kindness with this delightful ABC’s board book. Not only does it celebrate the joy of the holiday season, but it also promotes social emotional development in young children.

Each letter of the alphabet has a special meaning in this book. From A for affection during this special time of year, to B for bonding with loved ones, and C for Christmas and the happiness it brings.

This festive board book is part of the popular Books of Kindness series and features shiny foil on the cover, making it an attractive and thoughtful gift. The rhyming text and adorable cast of animal characters showcase moments of Christmas kindness and generosity, offering a valuable tool for fostering social emotional development in children.

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The Kindness ABC: From A to Z, Spreading Love and Compassion in Every Act

The ABC’s of Kindness

A is for All of Us

B is for Being Everybody’s Friend

C is for Caring in Everything You Do

D is for Dear Ones Who Mean the World to You

E is for Everyone – We are All the Same

F is for Forgiveness – Don’t Always Look for Blame

G is for Gratitude – Give Thanks Along the Way

H is for Hope – Tomorrow’s Another Day

I is for Inviting Everyone to Play

J is for Joy – When You Make Someone’s Day

K is for Kindness – Treat Everyone with Care

L is for Love – A Thing We Can All Share

M is for Making Time for Everyone

N is for Nobody Missing Out on Fun

O is for Others – Your Friends and Family

P is for Patience – Some Things Happen Gradually

Q is for Quiet Times for Thinking on Your Own

R is for Remembering – Friends Will Never be Alone

S is for Sharing – You’ll Find it Can be Fun

T is for Trying – Don’t Give Up Till You’re Done

U is for Understanding and Offering a Kind Word

V is for Voices – Let Everyone’s Be Heard

W is for Worries – and Keeping Them at Bay

X is for Kisses – for Loved Ones Every Day

Y is for “Yes, I Can!” – There’s Nothing You Can’t Do

Z is for Sleeping Peacefully when Your Day of Kindness is Through

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