Abcs Of Love by Rose Rossner

Abcs Of Love by Rose Rossner

Author: Rose Rossner
View book: Abcs Of Love

Introduce your child to the amazing world of love with this delightful alphabet book! Each letter of the alphabet is beautifully illustrated with adorable animals, accompanied by heartwarming rhymes that express your love for your little one. Share this special bonding experience at bedtime or any time of the day!

Why readers are falling in love with ABCs of Love:

  • Perfect for babies and toddlers aged 0 to 3. Designed with their little hands in mind!
  • A wonderful gift for new parents, whether it’s for a baby shower, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s or Father’s Day, or any occasion!
  • Not only a book of love but also an ABC book for toddlers, combining learning and affection in one!

Let’s dive into the magical world of love through the ABCs:

  • A is for Always. I will always love you more.
  • B is for Butterfly kisses. It’s you that I adore.
  • C is for Cuddles. I squeeze you nice and tight.
  • D is for Dreaming as I tuck you in at night.

Experience the joy of sharing love with your little one through every letter of the alphabet. Grab a copy of ABCs of Love, a perfect addition to your baby’s library!

The ABCs of Love | A Heartwarming Journey Through the Alphabet for Kids

Hi kiddos, it’s Mama Blankenship! Today, we’re going to explore the ABCs of love in words by Rose Rosner and pictures by Ando Twin. In this article, make sure to pay attention to the details so you can spot the difference later on. Let’s dive in!

A is for Always

I will always love you more.

B is for Butterfly Kisses

I adore you, my little one.

C is for Cuddles

I love to squeeze you tight.

D is for Dreaming

As I tuck you in at night, we’ll both dream sweet dreams.

E is for Embrace

I love to hold you close, feeling your warmth.

F is for Family

Our family loves you the most.

G is for Giggles

We laugh together when we sing silly songs.

H is for Hug

In my arms is where you belong, feeling safe and loved.

I is for I Love You

From the bottom of my heart, my love for you is endless.

J is for Joy

You bring me happiness from the very beginning.

K is for Kindness

Your acts of kindness and the words you speak make my heart soar.

L is for Love

My love for you grows more and more each day.

M is for Moments

We will share countless special moments as you navigate through life.

N is for Never Ever

I will never let you go; you will always have my support.

O is for One and Only

You’re my little shining star, unique and precious.

P is for Perfect

You are perfect just the way you are, my dear.

Q is for Quiet Time

We cherish peaceful moments together.

R is for Remember

I will be by your side throughout your entire life.

S is for Sweetheart

I’ve loved you deeply since the beginning.

T is for Together

When we are united, we are strong.

U is for Us

We love each other more than words can express.

V is for Voice

Don’t be afraid to share your thoughts, my little one.

W is for Wishes

I have endless hopes and dreams for your future.

X is for XOXO

Sending you hugs and kisses every day.

Y is for You

My little turtledove, you bring me immense joy.

Z is for Z’s

Wishing you the sweetest dreams, goodnight my love.

Did you notice that each animal mentioned has the same letter as its initial? For example, “U” for unicorn and “V” for vulture. Can you spot any more? Comment below and let me know!

Thank you for reading, and remember, I love you from A to Z!

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