Abcs Of Michigan by Sandra Magsamen

Abcs Of Michigan by Sandra Magsamen

Author: Sandra Magsamen
View book: Abcs Of Michigan

Show your little one that a house encompasses emotions in this delightful alphabet board book written by Sandra Magsamen, a bestselling author recognized by USA Today for the book “Welcome Little One.” Discover the beauty of the Michigan state as babies and toddlers embark on an enchanting ABC journey from bustling Detroit to serene Mackinac Island. Captivating illustrations by Magsamen accompanied by tender rhymes create a perfect bedtime read. ABCs of Michigan not only teaches alphabet basics but also instills a deep appreciation for one’s home state and its unique qualities. Both children and parents will rejoice as they encounter their cherished landmarks and scenery in a book that not only educates but also touches hearts. From A to Z, Michigan proves to be an extraordinary place to be!

This book is a cherished gift for new parents, baby showers, birthdays, family vacations, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Easter baskets, holiday stocking stuffers, Valentine’s Day, or a simple heartfelt moment shared with your little one. Let’s delve into the wonders of Michigan!

A is for apple blossom. Our state flower boasts a beautiful pink bloom.

B is for biking at Glen Haven Beach. We adore cycling and zooming along.

C is for Colonial Michilimackinac, where intriguing history is forever found.

D is for the Detroit Red Wings. The exhilarating sight of them dominating the puck is truly delightful.

“ABC’s of Michigan: Exploring the Fantastic Adventures of the Great Lakes State”

The Princess Nairobi is ready to take us on an adventure in Michigan this weekend through the pages of the book “The ABCs of Michigan” that she brought back from the convention center in Port Huron. Let’s join her on this fantastic journey and explore the wonders of the Great Lakes State!

A is for Apple Blossom

Michigan’s state flower is the beautiful pink apple blossom. It’s a sight to behold!

B is for Biking at Glen Height Beach

We love to pedal and zoom along the shores of Glen Height Beach. Biking here is a thrilling experience!

C is for Colonial Mislemanic

Step into the world of cool history at Colonial Mislemanic. This place is a treasure trove!

D is for Detroit Red Wings

Cheer for the Detroit Red Wings as they skillfully slap their pucks around. It’s a fun experience!

E is for Escaping to Mackinac Island

Visit Mackinac Island for a sun-filled adventure. Escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life!

F is for Frankenmuth

Frankenmuth’s annual Snow Fest is a winter wonderland filled with big snowballs. Join the festivities!

G is for Gallivanting by the Dunes

Explore the majestic dunes of Michigan. They’re great to visit all year round!

H is for Henry Ford Museum

Discover the history and innovations at the Henry Ford Museum, where Henry designed the first motor car.

I is for International Speedway

Feel the adrenaline rush as cars zoom past at the International Speedway. It’s a thrilling experience!

J is for Jumping

Get ready to jump into excitement and fun!

K is for Kalamazoo Air Zoo

Take a trip to the Kalamazoo Air Zoo and soar through the skies!

L is for Lake

Michigan is known for its beautiful lakes. Dive into the refreshing waters and enjoy the tranquility!

M is for Marvin’s Marvelous Mechanical Museum

Explore the wonders of Marvin’s Marvelous Mechanical Museum. It’s a place full of excitement and curiosity!

N is for Nifty

Discover the nifty things that Michigan has to offer!

O is for Ottawa National Forest

Experience the beauty and serenity of Ottawa National Forest. Nature lovers will be in awe!

P is for Play at the Hands-On Museum

Get ready to play and explore at the Hands-On Museum. There’s something for everyone!

Q is for Quietly Gazing at the Stars

Find a spot on Mount Averon and gaze in awe at the sparkling stars that light up the night sky.

R is for Reptile

Get up close and personal with fascinating reptiles. It’s an exhilarating experience!

S is for Sailing in Saginaw Bay

Set sail in Saginaw Bay where the warmth, beauty, and sunshine await. It’s a sailor’s paradise!

T is for Tart Cherries

Taste the delicious and sour tart cherries that will make your face scrunch up in delight!

U is for Up Close

Get up close to the wonders of Michigan and explore its hidden gems.

V is for Vikings

Discover the spirit of the Wolverines as they unleash their fierce determination!

W is for Wolverines

Experience the pride and passion of the Wolverines. They’re a force to be reckoned with!

X is for XOXO

Michiganders are filled with warmth and charm, and they’ll make you feel right at home.

Y is for Yummy Cereal

Indulge in Michigan’s delicious cereal offerings. They’ll satisfy your taste buds!

Z is for Zest

Michigan is filled with zest and enthusiasm. Join in the spirit and embrace all that the state has to offer!

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