Abcs Of Tennessee by Sandra Magsamen

Abcs Of Tennessee by Sandra Magsamen

Author: Sandra Magsamen
View book: Abcs Of Tennessee

Show your child that home is where the heart is with this adorable alphabet board book by Sandra Magsamen, the bestselling author of Welcome Little One. Tennessee comes to life in this heartwarming ABC adventure, taking babies and toddlers on a journey from Memphis to Bonnaroo. Perfect for bedtime read-alouds, ABCs of Tennessee features Magsamen’s delightful illustrations and charming rhymes that teach the alphabet while instilling love for the home state. Parents and children alike will delight in seeing their favorite landmarks and landscapes, making this book both educational and heartfelt. Explore all the wonders that Tennessee has to offer, from A to Z!

This book makes a great gift for new parents, baby showers, birthdays, family vacations, Easter baskets, holiday stocking stuffers, or just for sharing a special moment with your little one. Discover the aquarium in Chattanooga, where you can marvel at penguins, sharks, and more. Learn about the Mockingbird, the state bird, known for its sweet and lovely song. Get into the country music scene that Tennessee is famous for. And don’t miss the Titanic Museum, where there are endless discoveries waiting to be made. Tennessee truly is an amazing place to be!

“How I Met My Monster: Kids Book Read Aloud”

Hello, my amazing readers! Today, I might sound a little funny due to my allergies, but I’m thrilled that you’re here to read with me. If you want to stay updated on my latest articles, ask your parents to click that subscribe button and make sure to read till the end because I’ll be giving some shout outs. Are you ready for a story? Let’s find out how our friend Ethan met his monster, Gabe, as we read “How I Met My Monster” by Amanda Knoll, illustrated by Howard McWilliam. If you have a copy, grab it and read along!

Chapter 1: A Mysterious Note

One night, instead of finding my toy truck under the bed, I discovered a note from Mr. Z, the monster office, saying that monsters meet there for a final test. My parents were definitely trying to keep me in bed, but I didn’t believe in monsters. I crumpled the note, grabbed my truck, and went to the garage. I heard some noises, but I wasn’t scared. Our house always made sounds at night. However, a voice underneath the bed scolded me to stop that rumbling, as it might wake the child. If this was a trick, it was pretty cool.

Chapter 2: The Monster Parade

As I peered into the darkness, five pairs of eyes blinked back at me, and the voice confirmed that I now knew they were there. I realized there were monsters under my bed. A yellow monster with a long neck was followed by four little monsters. The yellow one, who seemed to be their teacher, instructed the others to make sure not to block the bed and asked them to scoot over.

I sat up, fascinated by the monster parade moving across my bedroom. The teacher monster made sure the way to the bed was clear. He asked who knew the first monster rule: to get a child into bed. Genghis, a purple monster, gurgled and tentatively answered that he would roar his scariest roar. But his feeble attempt made me laugh, and Mr. Z declared that Genghis was not the best monster for this child’s scare.

Now it was time for another monster to give it a try. The orange monster and the red monster hesitated, but the green one looked at me, drooled, and made a rumbling noise. I quickly hopped into bed to avoid his reach. Mr. Z commended Gabe, the green monster, for his nontraditional approach, but asked who could tell him the ultimate objective, rule number four: to keep the child in bed until it falls asleep. The orange monster suggested shadow puppets, and the red monster chirped that the child was out of bed again. Mr. Z explained that they needed to maintain the element of surprise.

Chapter 3: Gabe to the Rescue

All the monsters vanished in an instant, and I heard more rumbling. Were they hiding in my closet, trying to scare me with noises? No, my stomach was just rumbling. Hungry from all the excitement, I tiptoed past the closet and sneaked down to the kitchen. As I grabbed some crackers, I heard chattering behind me. I turned around, hoping it wasn’t Gabe, but it was just the red monster. Mr. Z declared that Abigail, the red monster, wasn’t the right fit either, and they left together.

Upstairs, as I brushed my teeth, I realized Gabe was still there, looming over my bed. I quickly jumped into bed, knowing my toes were safe. But to my surprise, I heard breathing and rumbling coming from under the bed. Gabe greeted me and expressed his delight. I covered myself with the covers, and Gabe began sharpening his claws on my bedpost. He explained that monsters grow big by eating people food, so he asked if I had any toes he could munch on. I protected my feet and realized that playing with Gabe was way better than playing with toys.

Chapter 4: A Beautiful Friendship

Having gone through a few different monsters, Ethan finally found the perfect one in Gabe. With Gabe’s snorts and oohs, he was the ideal scare companion. As Ethan drifted off to sleep, he knew that this was just the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

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Shout Outs

Today, I’d like to give a shout out to:
– River in Palmdale, California
– Alexa and Ivory Donohue in Katy, Texas
– Zia in Sacramento, California
– Ava Joleen Coy in Newport, North Carolina
– Luna in Kingsport, Tennessee
– Rory and Ezra in Littleton, Colorado
– Logan in Morgan Hill, California
– Mikhail and Micah Jr. in Selma, Alabama
– Annabel and Jaden in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin
– Ariel and Leia in Columbus, Ohio

Hello, my wonderful friends! I’m so happy that we can all read together, no matter where we are in the world. I hope you enjoyed today’s story. See you next time!

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