Abrazos De Papá = Daddy Hugs by Karen Katz

Abrazos De Papá = Daddy Hugs by Karen Katz

Author: Karen Katz
View book: Abrazos De Papá = Daddy Hugs

A contar besitos is a colorful board book by Karen Katz that celebrates the love between parents and their children. In this book, a dad expresses his love for his baby by giving him hugs and saying “I love you!” Now, baby and dad can cuddle, hug, read, and count together with this perfect book designed for little baby hands.

“Plenty of Hugs | Read-Aloud Storytime: Exploring Love, Wonder, and Family”

Hello kids, it’s me, the orb seeker. How are you today? Today, we are going to explore the wonderful book called “Plenty of Hugs” by Fran Manushkin, beautifully illustrated by Kate Alizari.

Diving into the Pages of “Plenty of Hugs”

Let’s dive into the world of this captivating book. It teaches us a simple yet powerful message – that there is abundance all around us. Just like the sun shines on everyone and there are plenty of fish in the sea, there is something special for each and every one of us.

Looking down, we discover that every worm wiggles and every cow lets out a “moo.” Each frog leaps and boots reach their peaks while giggles fill the air when we playfully tickle someone. Every color has its place too; blue for bluebirds, red for strawberries, and plenty of noodles for you and me.

Exploring further, we find that nature has its wonders too. Owls with big round eyes, bunnies with big ears, and sleepy kangaroos with their pouches. And, of course, my strong arms are here to carry you whenever you need.

Looking up, we see that every star sparkles, fireflies emit a gentle glow, and crickets never miss a chance to jump. And when you sit on my knee, there’s always a bounce to make you giggle. Together, we become a family, surrounded by the moon dozing on a cloud, chickadees nestled in their nests, and ducks swimming in ponds. Cozy beds await us for a peaceful slumber.

The world is full of wonders if we take the time to look around. It offers seas for ships to sail and kisses for those seeking affection. We can whisper those three magical words, “I love you.”

The Journey Continues

Thank you for joining me on this journey through “Plenty of Hugs.” If you enjoyed reading with us, make sure to come back for more exciting adventures. Remember to share this post with your friends and let’s spread the joy of reading together. Until next time!

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