Accounting For Non- Accountants : The Fast And Easy Way To Learn The Basics by Wayne Label

Accounting For Non- Accountants : The Fast And Easy Way To Learn The Basics by Wayne Label

Author: Wayne Label
View book: Accounting For Non- Accountants : The Fast And Easy Way To Learn The Basics

A Quick, Compact, and Easy-to-Understand Resource for Non-Accountants!

The best financial accounting guide for beginners! Accounting for Non-Accountants is the essential resource for those of us who have never taken an accounting class. It demystifies accounting jargon and provides a clear explanation of balance sheets, income statements, payroll management, corporate taxes, and statements of cash flows. This user-friendly accounting book simplifies the process of bookmaking.

Whether you are a business owner, aspiring entrepreneur, or simply want to take control of your own assets, this guide covers everything you need to know:

  • Preparing and utilizing financial statements
  • Controlling cash flows
  • Managing budgets
  • Using accounting ratios
  • Dealing with audits and auditors
  • Interpreting financial statements

Let’s hear what readers have to say about this book:

“Dr. Label’s explanations are simple and straightforward.”

“This book will be incredibly helpful as I establish my own business.”

“Having worked in accounting for over twenty-five years, I can confidently say that this is the best book for grasping the basics of accounting.”

For entrepreneurs and individuals looking to refresh their accounting knowledge quickly, this book will get you up to speed in no time.

Finding the Right Accountant for Your Business – Quick Tips for Non-Accountants

Greetings and welcome to the first in a series of quick tips from Dr. Wayne Label’s Accounting for Non-Accountants online program. Today, we will discuss the importance of selecting a competent and ethical accountant for your business. Choosing the right accountant can have a significant impact on the success of your company. It is advisable to meet with several accountants to explore your options before making a final decision. This will allow you to assess their experiences and work styles and determine which one is the best fit for your needs and the needs of your company.

When searching for an accountant, consider reaching out to local chapters of your state societies of Certified Public Accountants (CPAs). These organizations often provide referral services that can guide you in finding a suitable professional. By seeking recommendations and referrals from trusted sources, you can have confidence in your choice.

If you are interested in learning more about accounting for your small business or personal needs, Dr. Label’s new self-paced online course is worth exploring. It offers comprehensive knowledge and valuable insights. Visit the website to register for the course and take the first step towards improving your accounting skills.

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