Acres Of Diamonds : Discovering God’s Best Right Where You Are by Jentezen Franklin

Acres Of Diamonds : Discovering God's Best Right Where You Are by Jentezen Franklin

Author: Jentezen Franklin
View book: Acres Of Diamonds : Discovering God’s Best Right Where You Are

Have you ever found yourself in a phase of life where all your efforts to find guidance, motivation, or fulfillment seem to be in vain? You might have believed that God had put you in a position to thrive and flourish, but now you’re contemplating giving up. It feels like there must be something better out there.

But here’s the thing – you don’t need to start over completely; you just need to learn the art of digging! In his book Acres of Diamonds, Jentezen Franklin, a pastor and bestselling author, helps you uncover the unimaginable treasures that Jesus Christ has in store for you. Instead of constantly chasing after a better life, you can actually rejoice in the hidden spiritual blessings that can be found even in the midst of spiritual emptiness. By reading this book, you’ll discover how to appreciate the specific place in which God has positioned you, and you’ll uncover the hidden potential within your own family, job, ministry, and community – right where you currently are.

“Discovering the Diamonds within Your Current Circumstances”

Welcome to the Summer Reading Series! I am thrilled to be a part of this series and express my admiration for Pastor Levi and Jeannie Lusko. They are exceptional leaders, and if you want to know how God feels about a church, just look at the kind of leaders He blesses them with. Fresh Life Church has been given two incredible leaders in Levi and Jeannie. Their ministry is filled with depth, beauty, and powerful truth, which we hear every week. I truly honor Levi and appreciate the impact he has had on our ministry and conferences. It is an honor to give back to Fresh Life Church, a church that is impacting the world. I pray that the message I share today will stay with you forever.

One of the books you are reading this summer is “Acres of Diamonds.” The premise of the book, a true story, revolves around a man named Russell Conwell. He was a businessman who traveled to the Middle East to visit the holy sites after reading the Bible. During his journey, he hired an Arab guide who would entertain him with stories every night. One particular story told by the guide had such a remarkable impact that it sold seven million copies as a pamphlet and became a speech given six thousand times. The story had a profound effect on the nation, and Conwell used the profits to establish Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The story itself is about a man named Ali Hafid in South Africa. Ali was a hardworking farmer with a small cabin, acreage, and a family to support. One day, a traveler informed him about the discovery of diamond mines in India. The traveler explained how Ali could find enormous diamonds by reaching into a stream in a specific valley between two mountains. This information ignited a desire in Ali to seek wealth elsewhere. He sold his farm and traveled extensively in search of these diamonds, but he never found them. Eventually, in a moment of desperation, he took his own life. The tragedy was that Ali did not realize he had been living in acres of diamonds all along. The man who bought Ali’s farm discovered that the fields were filled with black rocks, which turned out to be diamonds in their rough form. This discovery led to the establishment of the famous Golconda diamond mine in South Africa, a mine that has provided diamonds for European royalty, including the Queen of England.

This story carries a powerful message applicable to our lives. Many times, we fail to recognize the potential and blessings right in front of us. Just like Ali Hafid, we may think the grass is greener on the other side and chase after what seems better. We may miss the fact that we are already living in acres of diamonds. This applies to various aspects of our lives, including our relationship with Jesus Christ. Some people fail to realize the immeasurable riches they have in Him.

One example of this is the prodigal son in the Bible. He had everything he needed in his father’s house, but he believed his fulfillment and happiness lay outside. He left his father’s house and squandered his resources, only to return in despair. It was then he realized that everything he longed for was available to him in his father’s house. In the same way, we may be tempted to leave the church or our faith because the world seems more enticing. The enemy tells us that true fulfillment and joy are out there, away from God. However, the truth is that life, purpose, and provision can be found right where we are. We are living in acres of diamonds if we know Jesus Christ.

However, obtaining these diamonds requires going through intense heat and pressure, just like diamonds are formed. Trials and challenges are part of the process that shapes us into the diamonds God intends us to be. It’s crucial not to give up or seek an easier path. Often, people sell themselves short because they believe the real diamonds are somewhere else, outside of God’s will for their lives. In reality, the heat and pressure we face may be part of God’s plan to bring forth the diamonds within us.

Every situation we face, whether in our marriages, jobs, or daily lives, has the potential to become an acre of diamonds. It may not always be easy, and we may be tempted to give up and think the grass is greener elsewhere. But by trusting in God and staying committed to our fields, we can see the diamonds emerge. The same plow, the same circumstances, the same challenges can be transformed into something extraordinary by the power of God. By holding on and not giving up, we will eventually reap the blessings and purpose God has for us.

Booker T. Washington shared a story that perfectly illustrates this principle. A ship stranded in the ocean desperately needed water. Another ship appeared on the horizon, and they signaled for help. The response they received was, “Let down your bucket.” Confused by the message, they eventually followed the advice and discovered fresh water right beneath their ship. Unbeknownst to them, the Amazon River had caused the saltwater to sink, leaving fresh water in its place. Similarly, when we are in a desert, facing heat and pressure, God wants us to let down our bucket right where we are and trust Him. He has all we need for victory and fulfillment.

In conclusion, we are often blind to the acres of diamonds surrounding us. We may see only the negative or believe that true satisfaction lies elsewhere. But by opening our eyes to what God has placed before us and trusting in His plan, we can realize the full potential in our lives. Whether it’s in our relationships, careers, or personal growth, there are diamonds waiting to be discovered. The process may involve intense heat and pressure, but with God, we can prevail and see the beauty that emerges from the challenges we face. Let us recognize the acres of diamonds in our lives and trust in God’s faithfulness to bring forth their brilliance.

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