Addiction- Free Naturally : Free Yourself From Opioids, Pharmaceuticals, Alcohol, Tobacco, Caffeine, Sugar, And More (Edition, Revised And Expanded) by Brigitte Mars

Addiction- Free Naturally : Free Yourself From Opioids, Pharmaceuticals, Alcohol, Tobacco, Caffeine, Sugar, And More (Edition, Revised And Expanded) by Brigitte Mars

Author: Brigitte Mars
View book: Addiction- Free Naturally : Free Yourself From Opioids, Pharmaceuticals, Alcohol, Tobacco, Caffeine, Sugar, And More (Edition, Revised And Expanded)

The road to breaking addiction can often seem overwhelming. However, it is possible to design a personal program that tackles this challenge safely, gently, and naturally. In her comprehensive book, Brigitte Mars provides valuable insights and techniques to guide individuals towards a successful recovery.

Mars emphasizes the importance of replacing negative habits and behaviors with positive, healthy ones. She explores various methods, including the use of herbs, supplements, homeopathic remedies, and flower essences. Alongside these alternative practices, Mars also highlights the benefits of behavioral therapy, meditation, and yoga in supporting individuals on their journey to recovery.

Specific attention is given to different addictive substances and behaviors, such as sugar, caffeine, alcohol, opioids, tobacco, and tranquilizers. Mars offers specific advice and remedies for each, showcasing how these techniques can be integrated with conventional therapies like psychotherapy, methadone, or Alcoholics Anonymous.

Mars expands on the potential of psychedelic therapy for overcoming addiction, highlighting recent research in this field. Additionally, as the legalization of cannabis spreads, she provides insights on how this plant can aid in recovery without being misused or abused.

With Mars’ guidance, individuals are encouraged to design their personal programs for breaking addictions, while also utilizing natural remedies to maintain newfound energy and vitality throughout the recovery process.

Addiction-Free Naturally: A Holistic Approach to Overcoming Addictions | Leah Guy

Welcome back! Today, I’m thrilled to introduce you to Brigitte Mars, a herbalist, author, and teacher. We’ll be discussing her latest book, a re-release of her popular book “Addiction Free Naturally,” which was originally published 20 years ago. In this updated version, Brigitte addresses new challenges like the opioid crisis and the legalization of cannabis. She emphasizes the importance of addressing addictions in our quest for overall health and healing.

In her book, Brigitte covers a wide range of addictions, from sugar and alcohol to tobacco and drugs. She provides a concise outline of natural supplements and practices that can be helpful in overcoming these addictions. What sets her book apart is its user-friendly format, allowing readers to easily find the information that relates to their specific addiction. Brigitte’s expertise in addiction comes from her experience as a nurse and her private practice.

Brigitte believes that addressing addictions is essential for achieving true health. Even if we take all the right steps like buying organic food, practicing yoga, and taking supplements, an addiction can undermine our efforts and compromise our well-being. She points out that some addictions, like sugar addiction, are widely prevalent but often overlooked.

According to Brigitte, sugar addiction underlies many other addictive behaviors because substances like alcohol and drugs can mimic the effects of sugar. For example, consuming sugar in coffee and then having a candy bar may not be recognized as a sugar addiction. Brigitte highlights the importance of addressing the underlying causes of addiction instead of simply substituting one addiction for another.

When asked if it is possible to be completely addiction-free, Brigitte believes it is indeed possible. However, she acknowledges that certain individuals may be more prone to addiction due to genetic factors and societal influences. She also discusses the role of behaviors like excessive use of technology and unhealthy relationships in fueling addiction.

Brigitte suggests that engaging in traditional handcrafts can be an effective way to cope with addiction, boredom, and anxiety. She encourages people to reconnect with activities like woodworking, quilting, and crocheting, as they not only keep our hands busy but also build our self-esteem and keep us connected to our ancestors’ traditions.

The COVID-19 pandemic has created challenges in coping with addiction, as evidenced by the rise in alcohol and drug sales and overdoses. Brigitte recognizes that people may turn to substances and unhealthy activities due to boredom and anxiety. She recommends using this extra time to explore hobbies and crafts, which can provide a healthy outlet for stress.

When it comes to supplements, Brigitte emphasizes starting with lifestyle changes before considering them. She suggests creating a list of alternative rewards to replace addictive behaviors and evaluating the consequences of addiction on various aspects of life. Taking a holistic approach, she recommends making dietary changes to support resilience against addiction. Consuming alkaline foods like fresh fruits and vegetables and incorporating good quality fats can help balance the body.

In terms of supplements, Brigitte advises the use of calcium magnesium to calm the nervous system, a B complex for overall support, essential fatty acids to reduce cravings, L-glutamine to stabilize blood sugar, and GTF chromium to regulate blood sugar levels and minimize cravings. She stresses the importance of purchasing supplements from natural food stores to ensure their quality.

Brigitte’s approach to herbs is informed by her knowledge of traditional medicinal practices from around the world. She believes it is essential to focus on herbs that grow locally to support local farmers and minimize reliance on imports. One example she provides is the use of dandelion, a common weed with detoxifying properties. Dandelion leaves can be eaten as a salad or made into a tea, while the root can be used in tea or capsules to support detoxification.

Brigitte explains that the efficacy of herbs is often underestimated due to the focus on isolated active ingredients in modern medicine. By isolating compounds, certain holistic effects, such as the balance provided by trace minerals and chlorophyll, are lost. She believes in the wisdom of nature and stresses the importance of exploring the benefits of herbs that have been used by millions of people for thousands of years.

When it comes to choosing between herbal extracts and whole herbs, Brigitte suggests considering personal preferences, convenience, and contraindications. While some may prefer capsules for convenience, others may find pleasure in drinking herbal teas. Consulting with knowledgeable professionals or reading reliable sources is crucial when selecting herbs.

Brigitte emphasizes the need for a well-rounded approach to health, integrating both natural and medical remedies. She encourages readers to be critical of the profit-driven pharmaceutical industry and to value the wisdom of nature. She recommends seeking guidance from health professionals who specialize in holistic practices and always doing thorough research before embarking on any herbal treatments.

Brigitte continues to educate others through her teaching at Naropa University and her publications. Her book “Addiction Free Naturally,” released by Inner Traditions, is available on her website, Amazon, and through Inner Traditions. Brigitte’s work highlights the importance of addressing addiction as a crucial component of overall health and well-being.

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