Advent Conspiracy : Can Christmas Still Change The World ? by Rick McKinley

Advent Conspiracy : Can Christmas Still Change The World ? by Rick McKinley

Author: Rick McKinley
View book: Advent Conspiracy : Can Christmas Still Change The World ?

Are you tired of how consumerism has taken over Christmas and stolen its true meaning? If so, it’s time to take a stand! Join the movement of Christians who are reclaiming the essence of Christmas by celebrating the birth of Jesus in a way that brings joy to our hearts and makes a positive impact on the world.

Advent Conspiracy presents four powerful and transformative ideas that go against the grain of our materialistic society:

Worship More

Rediscover the true message of Christmas by putting Jesus at the center of your celebrations. Remember that He is the reason for the season and give Him the praise and adoration He deserves.

Spend Less

Break free from the consumer-driven frenzy by reevaluating your spending habits. Redirect your resources towards meaningful experiences and things that truly matter, rather than getting caught up in a never-ending shopping spree.

Give Presence

Instead of focusing solely on material gifts, consider the value of your presence in the lives of others. Give of your time, your love, and your attention to those around you. Be fully engaged and make a lasting impact by being there for those who need it most.

Love All

Embrace the true spirit of Christmas by reaching out to the marginalized, the forgotten, and the less fortunate. Show love and compassion to those who often go unnoticed. Make a tangible difference in their lives and bring joy to their hearts.

Discover how to create a Christmas that is filled with meaning and fulfillment, rather than trepidation and stress. You have the power to change the world this Christmas season, just as Jesus did by giving what mattered most—your presence.

“Rediscovering the Meaning of Christmas: The Advent Conspiracy Revolutionizes Holiday Celebrations”

Chapter One: A Prophetic Dream

Imagine the divine creator choosing one small planet among countless others in the vast cosmos. On this planet, this creator entered human life in the most humble and natural way possible – through the birth of a baby, born to an unwed teenage girl. This birth, though unique, went unnoticed by most, except for a few angels and shepherds. It was a prophetic mystery, revealing something divine that drives us to examine our own stories and search for meaning in our existence.

Unfortunately, most of us miss the true significance of Christmas. We get caught up in consumption and consumerism, focusing on materialistic gifts and shallow celebrations. Our quest to make Christmas special often leaves us exhausted and unfulfilled. In the midst of all our questioning, we fail to recognize the presence of God in our lives. Missing out on the mystery of Jesus’ birth means missing out on the transformative power of His presence.

Back to the Stable

A few years ago, some friends and I were discussing how Christmas had become a source of stress and materialistic obsession for us as pastors. We realized that while we preached about the birth of Jesus, our lives and the lives of our congregations were consumed with consumerism. We decided to experiment and involve our congregations in the nativity story, instead of merely observing it. This decision led to a transformative change in our holiday practices.

We reevaluated the connection between love and gift-giving. We understood that love should not be equated with money and material possessions. By rejecting the culture of consumerism, we found freedom to give without comparison, to invest our time, talents, love, and presence in meaningful ways. We discovered the joy of creating gifts and giving ourselves to one another with gratitude and abandon. Love became the driving force behind our actions.

Dreaming Bigger Dreams

As we delved deeper into the story of Christmas, we realized that the good news of Christ was meant for all people, not just those in our immediate circles. We began to dream of tangible ways to share this announcement with the world. One friend became burdened by the global water crisis and we decided to use money saved from spending less on Christmas to build wells in impoverished communities. The impact of these efforts was profound, as we witnessed children rejoicing in the gift of clean water.

In addition to building wells, we also organized events in our local communities to provide clothing, food, and gifts to those in need. We invited other faith communities to join us in this movement, which came to be known as the Advent Conspiracy. Today, churches all over the world are participating in this movement, discovering the transformative power of entering into the story of Jesus.

A Story, Not a System

The Advent Conspiracy is not a rigid system or checklist for Christmas celebrations. It is a story – the story of God entering our world to make things right. This story has the power to change everything, including the way we celebrate Christmas. By participating in the Advent Conspiracy, we are not driven by anger, guilt, or disgust, but by a deep desire to worship more fully and authentically.

Our dream is for every Jesus follower to embrace the values of the Advent Conspiracy: worship fully, spend less, give more, and love all. We refuse to be defined by cultural norms and instead, empowered by the Spirit, we aim to recreate culture in the name of Jesus Christ.

This book invites you to enter into the story of Jesus, to discover Him and be transformed by His message. It is a simple idea with the potential to change lives and to change the world. Will you write your life into His story? Will you join the prophetic dream of bringing love and light to all?

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