Adventure Consultant : Tales From The Entrepreneurial Trail by Todd Houston Smith

Adventure Consultant : Tales From The Entrepreneurial Trail by Todd Houston Smith

Author: Todd Houston Smith
View book: Adventure Consultant : Tales From The Entrepreneurial Trail

The journey of an entrepreneur is often described as the path less chosen, as it is filled with obstacles and challenges. Along this entrepreneurial trail, one can encounter various hurdles such as potholes, detours, stop signs, and speed bumps. This adventurous journey can take individuals through desolate desert roads, congested highways, and everything in between.

In his book, The Adventure Consultant, Todd Smith invites readers to join him on his own entrepreneurial odyssey. Starting from his quest to find purpose in the corporate world, Smith eventually discovers the unmatched sense of liberation that comes with venturing out on his own. Throughout the book, he candidly shares his remarkable triumphs as well as the devastating failures he encountered while navigating the tumultuous economy and evolving times from the 1990s to the present day.

Accompanying Smith on his entrepreneurial escapades is his loyal companion, TJ, a golden retriever. Together, they experienced numerous business endeavors in diverse locations. From conducting deals in the vibrant city of New Orleans and exploring the scenic mountains of Vermont, to relaxing on the sunny beaches of Northeast Florida, their journey took them across continents.

In pursuit of knowledge and growth, Smith attended prominent business schools in Los Angeles, Phoenix, and even Sydney, Australia. He embarked on a thrilling driving expedition through Latin America, undertook an internship in Chile, explored various countries in Europe, went on a cross-country business plan RV road trip, and embarked on a cycling adventure spanning the United States, from the Atlantic Coast to the Pacific Ocean.

Through The Adventure Consultant, Todd Smith not only offers readers a glimpse into the life of an entrepreneur but also provides valuable insights and lessons learned along the way. This gripping account of his personal journey serves as a source of inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs and a testament to the enduring spirit of those who dare to forge their own paths.

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