Adventures In Vacationland by Mark Scott Ricketts

Adventures In Vacationland by Mark Scott Ricketts

Author: Mark Scott Ricketts
View book: Adventures In Vacationland

Youthful Joe Livingston possesses a remarkably vivid sense of imagination! When his beloved Aunt mysteriously disappears, Joe and his family embark on an adventurous expedition across the untamed landscapes of Maine, determined to liberate her from the clutches of a fearsome creature known as Cracker – The Beast of Briney Bay!

Ink and Imagination: A Children’s Book Journey

I have a passion for storytelling, but when it comes to diving into the world of comics, I found myself uninterested in the typical superhero genre. Instead, I wanted to focus on capturing the imagination of children and seeing their faces light up when I shared my illustrations.

One day, while looking for inspiration, I stumbled upon a local seafood joint. I figured that someone there might have a story to tell or some information that could help me in my search for my missing aunt. That’s when I met Captain Chester, an old sea captain who knew everything there was to know about vacation land.

Captain Chester warned me that our journey would be perilous, particularly if we encountered the fearsome sea monster, cracker, also known as the Beast of Briny Bay. To this day, sailors steer clear of that treacherous area.

Everything in life should be simplified, except for one thing – our imagination. It’s what allows us to create and explore worlds beyond our wildest dreams.

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