African Folk & Fairy Tales : Ancient Wisdom, Fables & Folkore by Unknown author

African Folk & Fairy Tales : Ancient Wisdom, Fables & Folkore by Unknown author

Author: Unknown author
View book: African Folk & Fairy Tales : Ancient Wisdom, Fables & Folkore

Experience the captivating and inventive narratives that originate from the diverse and enchanting continent of Africa. Behold, the Exquisite Collector’s Edition brings you a compilation of folk and fairy tales from the ancient tribes that once roamed the lands now known as Libya, Algeria, Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, and Rwanda.

Within these pages lie tales of mystical creatures, cunning tricksters, mind-boggling riddles, and beautiful poems. Immerse yourself in the heroic adventures of legendary figures like Liongo, whose courageous feats still echo through the annals of history.

Designed to enthrall the modern reader, the Flame Tree Collector’s Editions offer a judicious selection of speculative fiction, expertly curating authors, myths, and folklore—cornerstones that have shaped the imaginative literature of the twentieth century. Without these literary foundations, our trove of captivating tales would be incomplete.

Indulge in this breathtaking library, carefully crafted to highlight the finest, most influential, and intriguing works. Each book within this extraordinary collection features a brand-new introduction and a comprehensive Glossary of Terms, allowing you to delve deeper into the intricate world of these African myths and legends.

“The Fisherman’s Greed: African Folktale of Wishes Gone Wrong”

Once upon a time, in a faraway land, there lived a poor fisherman named Appa. He resided with his pregnant wife in a small hut, and despite their poverty, they were well-liked by everyone in the village.

One early morning, Appa set out to the village river, just like any other day. On his way, he encountered some fellow fishermen and exchanged pleasantries. When he reached the river, he saw other fishermen checking their traps. Appa went straight to his own trap, hoping for a bountiful catch. Unfortunately, he was disappointed to find only a few small fish.

Feeling disheartened, Appa contemplated whether to release the tiny fish back into the river or take it home. After some thought, he decided to keep it, although he wondered what he could possibly do with such a small fish.

As he walked back towards the riverbank, Appa heard a voice, urging him to put the fish back into the river. Surprised, he looked around but saw no one. He tried to move again, and the voice returned, louder this time. The fish was speaking to him, pleading to be spared and promising to grant him as many wishes as he desired.

Curiosity piqued, Appa examined his fishing basket and realized that the fish was indeed a princess fish. She explained that they were in that part of the river for a royal meeting, causing the other fish to relocate. The princess fish begged Appa to release her and promised to grant him any wishes he desired.

Appa thought for a moment and realized that he and his pregnant wife were happy as they were and had no extravagant desires. Nevertheless, he chose to release the princess fish out of kindness.

Grateful, the princess fish thanked Appa and assured him that whenever he needed anything, he could return to that spot by the river and call upon her. She would be there, ready to grant his wishes.

Excitedly, Appa returned home and shared the extraordinary encounter with his wife. However, instead of being grateful, she became angry and resentful. She demanded that Appa go back to the princess fish and wish for a big house, threatening to leave if he didn’t comply.

The next day, Appa rushed back to the river, calling out to the princess fish and stating his wife’s wish for a new house. The princess fish granted his wish, and when Appa arrived home, he found his wife in a beautiful, spacious house. They rejoiced, thinking that their troubles were finally over.

However, their newfound happiness was short-lived. The wife soon began complaining about the lack of expensive possessions to fill their grand house. Each day, Appa returned to the princess fish, asking for more and more lavish items to satisfy his wife’s desires.

Every wish was granted—expensive property, luxurious clothes and jewelry, maids, security guards, and even stronger and sturdier gods. But the wife was never satisfied. She insisted that Appa should ask to be the king, believing that they were richer than everyone in the village, including the true king.

Reluctantly, Appa approached the princess fish once again, voicing his wife’s latest wish. However, this time, the princess fish was furious. She had tolerated their never-ending greed for far too long, giving them everything they asked for, only to witness their insatiable desires.

Angry and disappointed, the princess fish sent Appa away, commanding him to return to his wretched old house and remain as poor as they had been before. Appa returned home, filled with regret, realizing that they had made a grave mistake by succumbing to their vain desires.

The content ends with Appa and his wife sharing their remorse and recognizing that they never should have wished for extravagance.

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