African Goddess Rising Pocket Oracle : A 44- Card Deck And Guidebook by Abiola Abrams

African Goddess Rising Pocket Oracle : A 44- Card Deck And Guidebook by Abiola Abrams

Author: Abiola Abrams
View book: African Goddess Rising Pocket Oracle : A 44- Card Deck And Guidebook

African Goddess Rising Pocket Oracle is a small, portable version of Abiola Abrams’ widely acclaimed oracle deck that showcases African goddesses, spirits, and ancestors, aiming to aid in healing and spiritual enlightenment. Originally a best-seller from Hay House, this deck has now been made pocket-sized for easy carrying. Enclosed in a conveniently compact box, this travel-friendly edition is perfect for your spiritual quest while on the move.

The African Goddess Rising Pocket Oracle is a visually stunning deck featuring 44 African goddesses, spirits, queens, and ancestors hailing from diverse powerful cultures across the African continent and the diaspora. It remains faithful to the profound wisdom and hidden knowledge transmitted through oral traditions. This oracle deck serves as a valuable resource for divination, personal growth, healing, and the journey towards self-discovery.

African Goddess Rising Oracle Deck | Unboxing & Flip Through

Welcome, everyone! Today we will be taking a look at the latest release of the 44-card deck and guide book, African Goddess Rising Oracle by Abiola Abrams. This deck is a treasure trove of ancestral goddess wisdom and powerful energy.

The artwork in this deck is simply stunning. Each card features vibrant colors and depicts a variety of goddesses, matriarchal spirits, and regal ancestors. The deck is divided into nine temples or suits, representing different aspects of goddess energy that we must integrate to awaken our own power.

In addition to the beautiful artwork, the guidebook provides valuable insights into each card. It includes information on the different temples, blessings, and spreads that can be used for readings.

When using the deck, it is important to note that reversals or upside-down cards indicate a message that needs special attention. Each card offers a direct message from the goddess it represents and provides guidance on how to embody her energy.

The quality of the cards is good, with a semi-gloss finish. While the card stock might be slightly thinner than other decks, it does not detract from the overall experience.

One of the standout cards in the deck features the goddess Marie Laveau, a famous New Orleans Voodoo queen. Her card represents good juju and divine abundance. It reminds us that we are heirs to a rich heritage and that abundance is the natural way of the goddess.

As someone of African Guyanese heritage, the creation of this deck was deeply personal for the author. Their knowledge and connection to the goddesses represented in the deck add an extra layer of authenticity and charm.

In conclusion, the African Goddess Rising Oracle is an oracle deck that not only captivates with its beautiful artwork but also offers a powerful tool for connecting with ancestral goddess wisdom. It is an educational and awe-inspiring deck that deserves a special place in your collection.

What are your thoughts on this deck? Is it something that resonates with you? Let us know in the comments below!

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