African Myths & Legends : Tales Of Heroes, Gods & Monsters by Unknown author

African Myths & Legends : Tales Of Heroes, Gods & Monsters by Unknown author

Author: Unknown author
View book: African Myths & Legends : Tales Of Heroes, Gods & Monsters

A beautiful edition with a new introduction explores the captivating abundance of myth and legends from diverse African peoples, delving into the ancestral origins of contemporary fiction found in myth and fable. This stunning Collector’s Edition showcases the enduring power of storytelling throughout the continent of Africa, transcending the hardships of colonialism and slavery, and uniting a multitude of cultures from Ethiopia to Tanzania, from the Xhosa to the Yoruba.

Within this compilation, readers can immerse themselves in tales of deities, stories of creation, mischievous trickster adventures, captivating animal fables, and instructive anecdotes. From ‘The Tortoise and the Elephant’ originating from the Akamba tribe of Kenya, to ‘Why the Moon Waxes and Wanes’ from Southern Nigeria, this collection provides a profound glimpse into the limitless and vibrant universe of African mythology.

Flame Tree Collector’s Editions presents an extraordinary library, essential to the foundations of speculative fiction, authors, myths, and tales that have paved the way for the imaginative literature of the twentieth century. This collector’s edition ensures the finest, most influential, and captivating works are beautifully showcased and readily collected. To enrich the reading experience, each book is accompanied by a new introduction and a Glossary of Terms.

Anansi | The Trickster Spider: Exploring African Folklore

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The Legend of Anansi the Spider

African myths and folklore are diverse and encompass a wide range of stories and figures. One prominent figure in West Africa is Anansi the spider, whose stories and identity have evolved and traveled across the continent.

Anansi, derived from the word meaning spider, appears in Akan folklore primarily in the countries of Ghana and the Ivory Coast. He is known for his trickster qualities and his cunning ability to outsmart his adversaries.

One debate surrounding Anansi’s stories is whether they should be classified as folklore or mythology. While Anansi is not referred to as a god himself, he serves as an intermediary between his father, the sky god Nyame, and the rest of the world.

Anansi’s tales were primarily passed down through oral storytelling and were later transmitted and traveled through the Caribbean and North America via the transatlantic slave trade. These stories became a symbol of hope and rebellion for those who were enslaved.

Many of Anansi’s stories depict him overcoming impossible odds and outsmarting individuals who are much more powerful than himself. One such story is the tale of the lion and the tiger, where Anansi’s cleverness leads to the downfall of both.

Another well-known story is how Anansi obtained all the stories and wisdom in the world. Through a series of cunning tasks, he manages to gather the most dangerous animals and brings them to the sky god. This story showcases both Anansi’s intelligence and his mortal qualities.

Anansi’s stories often explore themes of greed, stubbornness, and the importance of wisdom being shared rather than hoarded. One such story involves Anansi’s failed attempt to hide all the wisdom in the world, only to realize that equal distribution of wisdom is more valuable.

In the story of the night, the moon, and the sun, Anansi becomes the sky god’s messenger and helps his favored son become the chief. Through cunning and the assistance of his drums, Anansi ensures that the rightful son takes the throne.

Anansi is an intriguing character who interacts with gods and individuals more powerful than himself. He is often categorized as a trickster spirit or a deity due to his shapeshifting abilities and interactions with the supernatural world.

These are just a few of the many stories that delve into Anansi’s adventures and shenanigans. If there is enough interest, we may return to cover more of these captivating Spider stories.

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