Agent Moose : Operation Owl by Mo O’Hara

Agent Moose : Operation Owl by Mo O'Hara

Author: Mo O’Hara
View book: Agent Moose : Operation Owl

In the Big Forest, an audacious criminal is causing quite a stir! Operation Owl, the third amusing graphic novel chapter book by Mo O’Hara, renowned author of My Big Fat Zombie Goldfish, accompanied by the talented illustrations of Jess Bradley, presents the thrilling duo of Agent Moose and his not-so-special accomplice, Agent Owlfred.

Unusual flash floods are taking over the headlines in the Big Forest, leaving everyone baffled. With these unexpected deluges and a string of perplexing robberies, the entire forest is in a state of chaos. The situation becomes dire when Madame HQ, the prominent figure in the Woodland HQ, vanishes during one of the torrential downpours. Faced with the challenge, Agent Moose and Owlfred dive into a series of clues to rescue Madame HQ and put an end to the enigmatic culprit who is causing mayhem in the Big Forest.

Will they manage to locate this wicked villain before the Big Forest drifts away?

“Exciting Agent Moose Collection: 3 Books for Adventure-seeking Readers!”

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