Aimless Love : New And Selected Poems by Billy Collins

Aimless Love : New And Selected Poems by Billy Collins

Author: Billy Collins
View book: Aimless Love : New And Selected Poems

America’s favorite poet, Billy Collins, presents his first volume of new and selected poems in twelve years with Aimless Love. This collection combines fifty new poems with selected works from his previous books.

Collins is known for his unmistakable voice that blends plain speech with imaginative surprise. His poetry has been featured in renowned literary magazines and has been translated into several languages. Collins’s poems capture the essence of everyday life while inspiring wonder in the reader.

The themes of love, loss, joy, and the art of poetry itself are showcased in these poems. Collins hopes that his words will transport the reader from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

The poem “Envoy” from this collection urges the book to go out into the world and be seen by others. It encourages the reader to explore, interact with strangers, and embrace new experiences.

Aimless Love has received high praise, with critics highlighting Collins’s ability to evoke a range of emotions in a concise form. His work is described as poignant, funny, imaginative, and accessible to readers who may not typically enjoy poetry. Collins’s poetry resonates with readers by finding beauty in everyday moments and making them come alive.

Overall, Aimless Love showcases the best of Billy Collins’s work and reaffirms his status as a master of the art form.

Discover the Poetry of Billy Collins: A Recommendation for Poetry Enthusiasts, 75 characters.

Are you open to exploring the world of poetry? Personally, I discovered my love for poetry later than other literary genres. However, I would like to offer a recommendation that might change your perspective. Meet Billy Collins, a contemporary American Nobel laureate poet. His works cover a diverse range of topics, each presented in a unique and captivating manner.

Allow me to reveal a little secret that enhanced my experience with poetry – audio. When someone reads poetry aloud, they bring out the subtle pauses and rhythms that I often missed while reading silently. This brings an entirely new dimension to the words on the page. Due to this revelation, I strongly urge you to give audio poetry a chance.

Now, imagine listening to a poetry collection where the poet himself is the narrator. Talk about immediacy! Billy Collins has written verses about unexpected subjects – from the allure of the Victoria’s Secret catalogue to his soul’s nightly howling at the moon while he sleeps. He even explores the concept of a part of you continuing its journey while you backtrack to the mailbox. His inventiveness, playfulness, and depth of expression truly shine through when you hear him perform.

If you’re wondering how to dive into poetry, let me present two options available on One is “Aimless Love,” a curated collection of Collins’ works that will whisk you away to a world of beauty and contemplation. Additionally, you can explore “Billy Collins Live,” recorded during one of his mesmerizing live performances. This particular version has been on replay numerous times in my personal playlist.

So, why not use Poetry Month as the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in the enchanting world of poetry? I have a feeling you’ll find it delightful.

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