Alabama Creates : 200 Years Of Art And Artists (First Edition, First) by Unknown author

Alabama Creates : 200 Years Of Art And Artists (First Edition, First) by Unknown author

Author: Unknown author
View book: Alabama Creates : 200 Years Of Art And Artists (First Edition, First)

A visually rich survey of two hundred years of Alabama fine arts and artists

Alabama has a long and vibrant history of fine arts, with its artists playing a vital role in shaping the identity of the state. Through their artworks, they depict the diverse landscapes and people of Alabama, using various mediums like quilts, pottery, visionary paintings, sculpture, photography, folk art, and abstract art. The art featured in this volume stems from a unique environment that has nurtured the creation of powerful visual expressions, representing both universal and indigenous themes.

To commemorate the state’s bicentennial, the book “Alabama Creates: 200 Years of Art and Artists” showcases the work of ninety-four accomplished and influential artists from 1819 to the present. It presents a wide range of artists who have contributed to the Alabama art scene throughout its history, providing a comprehensive overview of the state’s artistic landscape.

The book features biographical sketches and notable works from each artist, highlighting their mastery in their respective fields. Renowned Alabamian artists such as Gay Burke, William Christenberry, Roger Brown, Thornton Dial, Frank Fleming, the Gee’s Bend Quilters, Lonnie Holley, Dale Kennington, Charlie Lucas, Kerry James Marshall, David Parrish, and Bill Traylor are discussed in relation to other nationally recognized artists.

“Alabama Creates” is organized into four historical periods, with each period covering approximately fifty years. Editor Elliot A. Knight provides contextual information about the development of Alabama art museums and institutions, as well as the evolution of college and university art departments during each era. Additionally, Gail C. Andrews, director emerita of the Birmingham Museum of Art, offers an overview of the state’s artistic heritage.

Through its comprehensive and captivating approach, “Alabama Creates” showcases the talent, creativity, and lasting impact of these artists on Alabama’s rich visual and artistic heritage.

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