Alena by Kim W Andersson

Alena by Kim W Andersson

Author: Kim W Andersson
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Alena’s existence is an absolute nightmare. Since enrolling at the pretentious boarding school, she has endured ceaseless harassment from Philippa and the clique of girls on the lacrosse team. However, Alena’s closest friend Josephine refuses to tolerate this mistreatment any longer. Neither the school counselor nor the principal, nor even Philippa herself, will dissuade Josephine from seeking justice. And if Alena doesn’t take a stand, Josephine will step in and handle things personally. There’s just one hitch – Josephine has been deceased for a whole year.

An English adaptation of the acclaimed Swedish graphic novel, Alena took its first bow in the US this past February as a movie adaptation. This boarding school tale amalgamates the chilling essence of “Let the Right One In” with the heartfelt storyline of “Show Me Love.” Expect a drama rife with vindication, brutality, and the anguish of shattered teenage hearts.

– Stockholm Film Festival

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