Algebra & Trigonometry Super Review (Second Edition, Revised) by Editors of Rea

Algebra & Trigonometry Super Review (Second Edition, Revised) by Editors of Rea

Author: Editors of Rea
View book: Algebra & Trigonometry Super Review (Second Edition, Revised)

Are you struggling with algebra and trigonometry? Do you need a rapid review or an overview for your class? Look no further! The book you need is REA’s Algebra & Trigonometry Super Review, which has all the information you require! This Super Review is a perfect complement to your high school or college textbook, and it is also a handy guide for anyone who needs a speedy review of the subject.

Our comprehensive yet concise coverage ensures that you review the material typically taught in a beginning-level algebra and trigonometry course. Each topic is presented in a clear and easy-to-understand format, making your learning experience much smoother.

To reinforce your understanding and strengthen your algebra and trigonometry skills, we have included questions and answers for each topic. Through practice, you can solidify what you have learned, preparing yourself for any algebra and trigonometry problem you may encounter on your next quiz or test.

Furthermore, our end-of-chapter quizzes allow you to gauge your comprehension of the essential information you need to know. By completing these quizzes, you can ensure that you are fully prepared for any algebra and trigonometry challenge that comes your way.

Whether you need a quick refresher or you are getting ready for your next test, we are confident that REA’s Super Review provides all the knowledge you need. Don’t miss out on this valuable resource!

Algebra and Trigonometry by Stewart: A Comprehensive Resource for Learning Math

Are you looking to refresh your knowledge in algebra and trigonometry? Look no further than “Algebra and Trigonometry” by Stuart Redland and Watson. This comprehensive book is perfect for beginners and anyone looking to brush up on these subjects. While this may be an older edition, it’s still a valuable resource that you’ll have for a long time.

What’s Inside?

The book covers a wide range of topics, starting with the basics like equations and inequalities. From there, it progresses to coordinates and graphs, functions, exponential and logarithmic functions, trigonometric functions, analytical geometry, polar coordinates, vectors, systems of equations and inequalities, sequences and series, counting and probability, and more. It’s a typical pre-calculus book that covers all the essential math you’ll need.

Why is this Book Worth Considering?

Firstly, it offers a wealth of math content. Whether you’re currently enrolled in a math class or just want to supplement your learning, having additional resources is always beneficial. While this book isn’t a “magic” solution that will instantly make you a math expert, it provides valuable supplementary material.

Secondly, the author, Stuart Redland, is well-known for his math textbooks. His calculus book, despite some critics, remains incredibly popular. Redland’s expertise shines through in this algebra and trigonometry book, making it a reliable choice for learners.

Lastly, having multiple resources can help you grasp difficult concepts. Sometimes, an example or explanation in one book may not make sense to you. By having access to different resources, you increase your chances of finding an explanation that clicks with your way of thinking.

If you’re serious about learning math and looking for a valuable addition to your collection, “Algebra and Trigonometry” is a must-have. Take a look at those trig identities and immerse yourself in the fascinating world of math.

We hope this article has provided helpful insights into the benefits of this book. Happy learning!

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