Aliens – Artbook by Printed in Blood

Aliens - Artbook by Printed in Blood

Author: Printed in Blood
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A stunning collection of original art dedicated to the timeless film Aliens has been meticulously curated in collaboration with Printed in Blood. This lavish coffee table book is brimming with an abundance of new and exclusive art that is sure to captivate fans. With over 100 extraordinary pieces, contributed by a multitude of talented professionals including artists, illustrators, concept artists, comics artists, and graphic designers, the book offers a diverse range of artistic interpretations.

Within the pages of this remarkable publication, you will discover an array of captivating artwork. From mesmerizing character portraits to imaginative faux book covers and intriguing poster concepts, the artists truly bring the essence of Aliens to life. Moreover, iconic scenes from the film are vividly depicted, alongside captivating recruitment posters and mesmerizing renderings of the legendary Xenomorph and Alien Queen.

Each artist has left their unique mark on the Alien universe, resulting in a mesmerizing compilation that will surely enchant and inspire fans of this beloved franchise.

Printed in Blood: Aliens Artbook Mini-Review

Hello everybody and welcome to the Alien vs. Predator Galaxy YouTube channel! This is Aaron Percival, also known as Corporal Hicks, and in this article we’re going to be taking a look at the recently released Aliens: The Art Book. This web post comes after Titan released 40 Years, 40 Artists, a book in celebration of the 40th anniversary of the movie Aliens. The new book, Aliens: The Art Book, was done in collaboration with Titan and printed by Blood. It was announced at the end of 2020 and finally released at the end of 2021.

The Aliens: The Art Book is much thicker than 40 Years, 40 Artists and features a lot more pieces of art. In this article, we will highlight some of the pieces we particularly enjoyed and discuss them. We start with the fantastic cover art by Devin Francisco, which depicts the aliens, Ripley, and the dropship from the movie. Moving on to page 10, we have Dave O’Flanagan’s piece, which is technically impressive and shows Ripley before she regains her confidence.

We also have Anthony Galatis’ piece, which takes a different approach and shows Ripley from a bird’s eye view, symbolizing the restarting of the story. Bruno the Gow’s piece captures Ripley’s nightmare at the beginning of Aliens in great detail.

While there are many new pieces in the book, there are also some that we’ve seen before by well-known fan artists. It’s worth mentioning that the book includes a depiction of the med lab facehugger attack, a recurring problem in fandom where overly referenced material is used. However, overall, the variety of styles and interpretations in this book is impressive.

We highly recommend Aliens: The Art Book to fans of the franchise who are interested in seeing different takes on familiar themes and scenes. The collaboration between Titan and Printed in Blood has resulted in a book that showcases the talent and creativity of various artists. Thank you for reading this web post!

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