All God’s Creatures by Ginger Swift

All God's Creatures by Ginger Swift

Author: Ginger Swift
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Enjoy quality bonding time with your baby or toddler by expressing gratitude to God for the amazing creatures in the world. Immerse yourselves in the heartwarming pages of this lift-a-flap book, as you explore the origins of cats, frogs, butterflies, giraffes, and more. Each flap holds a delightful surprise, prompting you to ask, “Who created all these animals?” Through charming rhymes, this book aids in developing patterns and language skills, while keeping your little one thoroughly entertained.

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The book boasts 6 perfectly-sized, sturdy flaps that can withstand countless openings and closings by babies and toddlers. Surprise your little one with cheerful artwork as you explore the creator of each animal hidden beneath every flap. This compact, portable book is perfect for bringing along to faith services.

Introduce Christian and religious beliefs to your little boy or girl, and spark their curiosity about the diverse creatures that inhabit our world. Whether you’re searching for Christian gifts for kids or commemorating special occasions like baby showers, baptisms, birthdays, first communions, Easter basket surprises, or Christmas treats, this book is an excellent choice.

Praise for our Small Board Lift-a-Flap: “The flaps are the sturdiest in the business and will likely survive vigorous play and exploration.” – Kirkus Reviews, PBS Kids Fish!

All God’s Creatures: Delighting in the Diversity of Creation!

Welcome, readers! Today, I have an adorable little book to share with you. It’s called “All Creatures Great and Small,” and it explores the wonderful world of animals. Written by Ginger Swift and beautifully illustrated by Daniella Sousa, this book takes us on a journey to discover who created all these amazing creatures.

Exploring the Animal Kingdom

In this book, we encounter a variety of creatures. From frogs to bunnies, puppies to squirrels, and even little birds, we see the incredible diversity of God’s creations. As we read, we can even listen to the soothing sounds of frogs croaking in the background.

As we turn the pages, we meet the pairs of animals that filled the ark. Two by two, penguins, ostriches, pigs, and kangaroos all found their place. But who is the mastermind behind these creatures? Who made the horse, the cat, and even the mischievous bat hanging upside down?

From fish to frogs, turtles to snails, the book takes us through various animals in their habitats. Blue Jays and butterflies, porcupines and geese, zebras and giraffes – all these fantastic beings are on display. We encounter hyenas laughing and monkeys playing, adding an element of fun to the adventure.

All Creatures, Great and Small

Throughout the book, one message echoes loud and clear: God our Father is the author of all these beautiful animals. From the tiniest snail to the majestic elephant, every creature has been lovingly designed and brought into being by our Creator. This realization fills us with awe and gratitude.

Thank you for joining me as we explore the captivating world of “All Creatures Great and Small.” I hope you enjoyed this glimpse into God’s amazing creations. Stay tuned for more stories like this in the future. See you soon!

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