All- Together Quilt by Lizzy Rockwell

All- Together Quilt by Lizzy Rockwell

Author: Lizzy Rockwell
View book: All- Together Quilt

Calling all quilters and crafters! Prepare to be inspired by this heartwarming tale of a tight-knit community embarking on a creative journey. In this delightful story, individuals of all ages gather at a community center armed with an array of vibrant fabrics and a shared vision. Each step of the way, they transform their idea into a tangible masterpiece, employing their expertise in design, cutting, stitching, layering, and quilting. Guided by the artistic prowess and unwavering dedication of Lizzy Rockwell, the Norwalk Community Quilt Project: Peace by Piece is a testament to the power of unity and collaboration.

With many hands, countless hours, and intertwined narratives, the result is nothing short of extraordinary. A quilt that radiates warmth and wonder, created by a collective effort. It serves as a symbol of the beautiful bond formed by those who have congregated over the years, sharing their knowledge and passion while simultaneously crafting something truly remarkable.

All Together Quilt: A Story of Community Collaboration and Creativity

Hi everyone! I’m Miss Katie from Rocklin Public Library and welcome to Wednesday Read Alouds. Today, we’re going to be reading “The All Together Quilt” by Lizzy Rockwell. This is a heartwarming story about adults and kids coming together to create beautiful quilts. Do you have any quilts at home? Maybe even a homemade one? I wonder if someone special made it for you. Let’s dive into the story of “The All Together Quilt.”

Coming Together to Create

Jennifer and her friends gather at the community center every Friday to work on their quilt project. It’s a collaborative effort where everyone contributes their skills and creativity. From yarn to dyes, sewing machines to fabrics, there’s a flurry of activity. Jennifer chooses a dark fabric while Fran selects a light one. They trace and cut shapes, sew them together, and piece by piece, the quilt starts taking shape.

Richard and Maurice are partners in the quilting process too. They work diligently, cutting, pinning, and sewing squares, creating beautiful patterns. Alongside them, other pairs like Fran and Jennifer, Saya and Melissa, Anna Mae and Trinity, Maria and Jocelyn, Natalin and Viola, Angela and Betty, and Ernestine and Zach, join forces to produce stunning squares.

Each square is made up of two different pieces, symbolizing unity and collaboration. These pairs of squares multiply, resulting in a total of eight squares. And while most contribute to these squares, Nikiya focuses on one blue square, adding her personal touch with special pens, paints, and brushes, crafting a peace sign.

Arranging the Pieces

Once all the squares are ready, the group starts playing with different combinations, turning and moving them around. The possibilities are endless, and each arrangement has its unique charm. After much deliberation, they settle on their favorite arrangement, one that highlights the beauty of each square.

To complete the quilt, Jocelyn measures, and Anne and Mary cut four white rectangles for the border. But even plain pieces become vivid when the friends make handprints on them. Colorful handprints bring joy and vibrancy to the quilt, transforming it into a work of art.

Coming Together to Stitch

The friends pin, sew, and iron all the pieces together, slowly witnessing the transformation of the patchwork into a quilt. It’s a time-consuming process that requires patience and dedication. But with each stitch, they become closer, both in friendship and in their shared goal of creating something remarkable.

Many Fridays pass by with the friends sitting together, stitching, talking, and bonding. The quilt slowly takes shape, fueled by their collective efforts and shared experiences. Finally, the last stitch is sewn, and the quilt is taken off its frame and trimmed into a neat square. Dot skillfully sews the purple binding, closing it shut.

A Quilt for Everyone

Now that the quilt is complete, the question arises, who will have the honor of possessing it? The answer is simple. The quilt should hang in the library, where everyone can admire the hard work and love that went into making it. It’s a symbol of collaboration, community, and togetherness.

This heartwarming story is based on the real community of Norwalk, Connecticut. And guess what? The quilting tradition didn’t stop there. It started spreading across the nation, inspiring more people to come together and create their own communal quilts.

Even though we can’t meet in person right now, we can still join forces and make our very own paper quilt. I’ll be providing pieces of paper, triangles, and rectangles at the library. You can also opt for curbside pickup to get your supplies. Let’s create our own community paper quilt and celebrate the spirit of “All Together Quilts.”

Wishing you all a wonderful week ahead, and I’ll see you next Wednesday! Bye-bye!

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