Allies In Healing : When The Person You Love Is A Survivor Of Child Sexual Abuse by Laura Davis

Allies In Healing : When The Person You Love Is A Survivor Of Child Sexual Abuse by Laura Davis

Author: Laura Davis
View book: Allies In Healing : When The Person You Love Is A Survivor Of Child Sexual Abuse

Are you searching for a book that provides the answers to your most pressing questions as a partner of a survivor of child sexual abuse? Look no further! This book is a comprehensive resource, offering information, support, and guidance. It is written by the co-author of the highly acclaimed “The Courage to Heal” and the author of “The Courage to Heal Workbook.”

As a partner, it is crucial to have the necessary support and guidance to navigate through the healing process. This book aims to provide exactly that. It offers a wealth of information that addresses the unique concerns and questions partners may have when supporting a survivor of child sexual abuse.

By reading this book, partners will not only gain a deeper understanding of the effects of child sexual abuse but also find valuable tools for their own healing journey. The author recognizes the challenges partners face and provides practical advice on how to support their loved ones while also taking care of themselves.

The author, Dan Sexton, a respected expert in the field, believes that partners play a crucial role in the healing process. He acknowledges the importance of partners feeling supported and guided as they navigate their own path towards healing, both for themselves and for the survivors they love and cherish.

This book is a must-read for partners who seek knowledge, support, and guidance in their quest for healing. Its comprehensive approach is sure to help partners better understand the experiences of survivors and provide the necessary support they need.

Supporting Partners of Survivors: Healing and Empowerment

Harper audio presents “Allies in Healing: When the Person You Loved was Sexually Abused as a Child” by Laura Davis, read by EXCI sands and Sean Pratt. This article explores the overlooked group of partners who are involved in intimate relationships with survivors of child sexual abuse.

An Unrecognized Problem

Over the past 15 years, the issue of child sexual abuse has gained recognition as a social and political problem. Survivors have bravely spoken about their experiences, formed support groups, and worked towards healing. However, the partners of survivors have often been overlooked in this movement.

The Impact on Partners

Statistics reveal that a significant number of individuals have experienced sexual abuse as children. Many of these survivors go on to form intimate relationships. Regardless of whether or not the partner themselves experienced abuse, they are affected by its aftermath. Survivors often struggle with trust, commitment, and intimacy, directly impacting their partners and their relationships.

A Path to Healing

This article aims to reassure partners that it is possible to have a satisfying and mutually supportive relationship with a survivor. It emphasizes the importance of self-care and meeting one’s own needs while also supporting the survivor. While books and resources can provide valuable information, this article acknowledges the need for ongoing support, someone to lean on during difficult times.

A Journey Together

Being the partner of a survivor is not an easy role, but this article aims to provide understanding and guidance. By acknowledging and addressing the unique challenges partners face, it offers hope and encouragement for a journey of healing and growth together.

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