Alphaprints : Wipe Clean Flash Cards Letters by Roger Priddy

Alphaprints : Wipe Clean Flash Cards Letters by Roger Priddy

Author: Roger Priddy
View book: Alphaprints : Wipe Clean Flash Cards Letters

Are you looking for a fun and interactive way to help your child learn? Look no further than the Alphaprints flash cards by Roger Priddy, a bestselling children’s book author.

These unique flash cards are not only entertaining but also educational. They provide a fantastic opportunity for your child to practice their writing skills. With this set of 26 double-sided cards featuring Alphaprints, your child can easily learn and master letter formation.

Each flash card is designed to be traced and copied, enabling children to develop excellent pen control and writing abilities. Additionally, the cards are made of durable material that allows them to be wiped clean after each use.

This means that your child can complete the activities, erase them, and repeat them over and over again, keeping them engaged for hours of Alphaprints fun!

Don’t miss out on this incredible learning tool that combines enjoyment and skills development. Get your hands on the Alphaprints flash cards today and watch your child’s writing abilities soar!

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