America The Beautiful ?: One Woman In A Borrowed Prius On The Road Most Traveled by Blythe Roberson

America The Beautiful ?: One Woman In A Borrowed Prius On The Road Most Traveled by Blythe Roberson

Author: Blythe Roberson
View book: America The Beautiful ?: One Woman In A Borrowed Prius On The Road Most Traveled

“America the Beautiful?” is a captivating and enlightening book that explores Americans’ infatuation with freedom, travel, and the open road. In this hilarious travelogue, Blythe Roberson, a witty writer and comedian, embarks on a Great American Road Trip to discover the true essence of adventure and freedom.

Roberson, inspired by the countless poems of freedom and Joni Mitchell’s travel album, Hejira, grows restless and decides to leave her day job behind. Armed with her stepfather’s Prius, she sets off on a journey to explore America’s national parks, filling the gaps in literary narratives and satisfying her own wanderlust.

As Roberson traverses the Loop of popular parks, cruises down the Pacific Coast Highway, and braves the scorching southwestern desert, she encounters fellow travelers on their own personal quests. Along the way, she grapples with the challenges of abstinence, homesickness, and the dichotomy of finding freedom in nature while grappling with socio-economic constraints.

This travelogue is a remarkable blend of humor, introspection, and social commentary. Roberson delves into topics such as ecotourism, conservation, traffic, climate change, and the inequalities that restrict the movement of many Americans. Through her witty anecdotes and clever musings, she prompts readers to question the motivations behind abandoning society for the open road. Is it a quest for enlightenment and liberty, or merely selfish escapism?

Prepare to laugh-out-loud and experience a rollercoaster of emotions as you join Roberson on this unforgettable journey. “America the Beautiful?” is an entertaining ride that will challenge your perspectives on travel, freedom, and the pursuit of happiness.

Blythe Roberson: Exploring America’s National Parks and More

First of all, I had the pleasure of talking to Emmy Yates, a writer, artist, and urban beekeeper, and Blythe Roberson, a comedian and author. They discussed Blythe’s book and her road trip across America. The book explores the idea of female American travel narratives and aims to answer the question of what if Bill Bryson got his period.

The trip was inspired by Blythe’s desire to experience the freedom of a road trip and write about it. She planned her trip based on a modified version of an optimized national parks road trip. Blythe wanted to visit every man she had ever had feelings for, using their stories as material for her book.

But the trip became much more than that. Blythe discovered the beauty and complexity of national parks, as well as the complicated history and lack of representation of women in American travel narratives. She also faced the challenges and uncertainties of solo travel.

Throughout the journey, Blythe learned to appreciate and connect with nature, even in urban environments. She realized the importance of understanding the connection between humans and nature and the need to protect and respect the natural world.

Ultimately, Blythe’s road trip was a transformative experience that allowed her to find freedom, explore her creativity, and learn about herself and the world around her. The book showcases her humorous and insightful reflections on her journey, the parks she visited, and the people she encountered along the way.

Overall, Blythe’s road trip was much more than just a vacation. It was a journey of self-discovery, an exploration of female perspectives in travel narratives, and a reminder of the importance of nature in our lives.

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