American Caddie In St.Andrews : Growing Up, Girls, And Looping On The Old Course by Oliver Horovitz

American Caddie In St.Andrews : Growing Up, Girls, And Looping On The Old Course by Oliver Horovitz

Author: Oliver Horovitz
View book: American Caddie In St.Andrews : Growing Up, Girls, And Looping On The Old Course

A side-splitting and emotionally moving memoir about a student from Harvard who discovers himself while working as a caddie on St. Andrews’ legendary Old Course.

In the midst of Oliver Horovitz’s graduation ceremony, he receives a phone call from Harvard. Although he has been accepted, he is unable to begin for another year.

Having been a caddie since the age of twelve and a golfer with a 1.8 handicap, Ollie decides to spend his gap year in the town of St. Andrews, Scotland. This town boasts the highest number of pubs per capita in the United Kingdom and is also home to the renowned Old Course, golf’s most famous eighteen holes. Ollie enrolls in the caddie trainee program offered by the St. Andrews Links Trust.

At first, the experienced caddies treat Ollie dismissively. However, after a year of waking up at 4:30 A.M. every morning and completing two rounds a day, Ollie manages to earn their begrudging admiration. Unfortunately, it is then time for him to leave and begin his studies at Harvard.

Upon arriving at Harvard, Ollie finds himself surrounded by classmates who are the children of Albania’s UN ambassador, the owner of Heineken, and the CEO of Goldman Sachs. Once again, he feels like an outsider and longs to return to St. Andrews. Even after graduating, while his college friends eagerly head to Wall Street, Horovitz continues to make an annual pilgrimage back to caddie on the Old Course.

With uproarious humor and an insider’s view, “An American Caddie in St. Andrews” offers a peek into the world’s most celebrated golf course and its equally renowned caddie shack. This book will not only captivate golf enthusiasts and St. Andrews fans but also resonate with anyone who has navigated the uncertain path to adulthood and discovered their place in the world.

American Caddie Chronicles Adventures in St. Andrews

In his new book, “An American Caddy in St. Andrews,” Oliver Horovitz shares his experiences as a caddy at the famous golf course in Scotland. St. Andrews is a fascinating place, tucked into the east coast of Scotland, where everyone plays golf – even the taxi drivers and the old ladies in the supermarket. Horovitz initially went to St. Andrews as a student at the university and played on the golf team there. But after a year, he didn’t want to leave yet, so he decided to become a caddy.

Becoming a caddy required a lot of time and dedication. Horovitz had to shadow experienced caddies, do rounds as a trainee with a huge “training caddy” badge on his bag, and pass a written exam. The book also reveals that there is a hierarchy within the caddy profession, with the old guys at the top, followed by full-time professional caddies, and trainee caddies at the bottom.

Horovitz’s love for golf dates back to his childhood, and he mentions that being a caddy has made him a better player. As a caddy, he has to think about course management and help the golfer make the right decisions, whereas when he plays golf himself, he admits to being more reckless. The skills and knowledge of a good caddy can make a significant difference in a golfer’s round, potentially improving their score by 10 to 15 shots.

Horovitz also had the opportunity to caddy for some celebrities, including Larry David and Huey Lewis. He mentions that caddying for Larry David was an unforgettable experience, as David’s personality on the golf course mirrored his persona from the show.

While discussing current golf news, the topic of Tiger Woods dating Lindsey Vonn came up. Horovitz speculates that this could be a PR campaign leading up to the Masters, as Woods is one of his golfing heroes and he believes Woods has a good chance of winning the tournament.

Overall, “An American Caddy in St. Andrews” offers an inside look into the unique world of caddying at one of the most prestigious golf courses in the world. It showcases the dedication, skills, and knowledge required to be a successful caddy, and the unforgettable experiences that come with the job.

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