Angels And Saints : A Biblical Guide To Friendship With God’s Holy Ones by Scott Hahn

Angels And Saints : A Biblical Guide To Friendship With God's Holy Ones by Scott Hahn

Author: Scott Hahn
View book: Angels And Saints : A Biblical Guide To Friendship With God’s Holy Ones

Angels and saints. While Catholics often perceive them as separate from ordinary people, depicted as statues or on holy cards, performing miraculous acts or playing heavenly melodies, the reality is that they are intimately connected to us. In his captivating book, Scott Hahn shatters the misconceptions and myths that keep us distant from the saints. The truth is that Jesus Christ has bridged the gap between heaven and earth, forging a close bond.

Delving deep into Scripture, Dr. Hahn unveils the heavenly hosts encircling the earthly Church like a “great cloud of witnesses.” From heaven’s altar, martyrs cry out for justice to be served on earth. The prayers of saints and angels ascend to God, likened to the sweet fragrance of incense in the Book of Revelation.

In his unique narrative, Dr. Hahn presents the stories of various saints and angels in a refreshing and original manner. These saints, spiritual giants with tangible experiences, possess profound aspirations along with formidable temptations and opposition to overcome. Their tales encompass extraordinary aspects that still resonate with our lives, inspiring us to embrace more meaningful existences.

The portrayal of the saints in this book demonstrates their simultaneous connection to both heavenly and earthly realms. They epitomize the integrated life to which all Christians are called. Nonetheless, their lives diverge in diverse and remarkable ways, from the towering figures of Moses and Mary to Augustine and Therese, spanning across centuries.

According to Dr. Hahn, only saints will inhabit heaven. Therefore, if we aspire to dwell in paradise one day, we must strive to emulate the saints. Our heavenly journey can commence right now; in fact, it must begin in the present.

Communicating Medical Worries in a Foreign Hospital: A Parent’s Anxiety

Worries subsided slightly by the kind expressions of the locals, but their greetings introduced new concerns. It became evident that we shared only a few words beyond simple greetings. Through gestures and phrases, we attempted to convey Joe’s medical history and current symptoms.

My anxiety reached new heights as Joe writhed in discomfort in my lap. Reception staff guided us to the x-ray room, where an aging technician, still dressed in a firefighter’s uniform, swiftly performed the procedure. We then proceeded to an examination room to await the doctor.

To my relief, the doctor spoke adequate English. After reviewing Joe’s chart and listening to my explanation, he nodded and gently examined Joe’s abdomen, causing him to cry out in pain. The doctor guided me to the hallway and delivered the words I longed to hear: “I think your son will be fine.”

Despite his limited English, the doctor assured me that the pain had localized to a safe area. However, if it were to shift to the other side, immediate surgery would be necessary, posing a serious problem given the circumstances. He emphasized that this location was less than ideal for such a procedure.

We checked into the hospital for an overnight stay, despite Joe’s complete lack of appetite – a stark contrast to his usual voraciousness.

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